Four men railroaded in plot to bomb synagogues By Jerry Mazza

By Jerry Mazza
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Oct. 20, 2010

We the wards of Homeland Security, 9/11, and its Commission of Omissions, have sunk even lower into entrapment as a form of political op now. This perhaps surpasses the sheer illogic and stupidity of the original shoe bomber, underwear bomber, and Broadway car bomber, who all lacked blasting caps on their bombs, the latest, Faisal Shahzad, recently sentenced to life imprisonment, warning us to expect more bloodshed at the hands of Muslims, and more tales from the Langley crypt.

Yesterday, The New York Times reported Four Men [were] Convicted in a Plot to Bomb Synagogues. “Accused of planting bombs outside synagogues in the Bronx and plotting to fire missiles at military planes, they were convicted on Monday, in a case that was widely seen as an important test of the entrapment defense. In just eight weeks, a jury of six women and five men deliberated in Federal District Court in Manhattan to find them guilty, a multiple Ox-Bow Incident.

Of course, the prosecutors counted on recorded conversations between the informer, Shahed Hussain, and the defendants.

The four defendants were reported as Onta WilliamsLaguerre PayenJames Cromitie and David Williams IV and they face up to life in prison. Mr. Williams and Mr. Payen were found not guilty of one charge, attempting to kill officers and employees of the United States. Well, that’s a relief.

On the other hand, Mr. Cromitie was featured in most of the records, the first to meet the fink Hussain, and the most talkative. Cromitie, “filled with bravado,” made anti-Semitic statements and spoke of violent acts, though he had doubts about his “intentions,” which should have proved Cromitie and the other men were “reluctant participants.” The focus on Hussain as a “liar and manipulator” who “coaxed impoverished men toward a violence they were not predisposed to was the key requirement for an entrapment defense, though in all of the 9/11 terrorism cases that’s never worked. Once suckered in, the suckers don’t get out.

It even stalled jury deliberations at some point. Jurors revealed “they had seen evidence that was not introduced at trial, including a transcript that the judge had called inadmissible.” But Judge Coleen McMahon turned down a request by defense lawyers for mistrial. No kidding. She even dismissed a juror who’d seen the no-no transcript, and called for other jurors to resume their deliberations. That’s what they call “blind justice.”

Prosecutors said the men, who all lived in Newburgh, N.Y., a poverty-fraught town, willingly cooperated with an informer working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation who posed as a terrorist and supplied the men with inert bombs and Stinger missile tubes. Somehow, just by happenstance their targets were synagogues and, of course, military bases. Synagogues were picked as targets presumably to inflame the Jewish population that these were more crazed (non) Muslims out to get them.

If that is not entrapment, and worse, discrimination against these hand-picked individuals by an FBI mole “who posed as a terrorist and supplied the men with inert bombs and Stinger missile tubes,” then call me a fool for the love of justice.

In an attempt to be “fair and balanced,” the authorities said that the four men “also planned to travel to Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, north of New York City, to fire missiles at military transport planes.” So these poor saps literally, are both threats to our Jewish Americans and our military. Got some good script guys at Langley, really good.

Zazi and the boyz

This story is reminiscent of another story from the New York Daily News in April 2010, Zazi, Al Qaeda pals planned rush-hour attack on Grand Central, Times Square subway stations, in which “chilling new details about the foiled Al Qaeda plot to blow up the city’s busiest subways have emerged as a fourth suspect was quietly arrested in Pakistan.

“The unidentified man, who helped plan the plot, is expected to be extradited to the U.S. to be tried in Brooklyn Federal Court with Adis Medunjanin and Zarein Ahmedzay of Flushing, Queens,” sources said.

Of course, “The cooperation of would-be lead bomber Najibullah Zazi has helped (read rat out) law enforcement officials to piece together a fuller picture of the evil plan (his) to kill innocent straphangers around the 9/11 anniversary last year.”

Zazi and his two Queens friends allegedly planned to strap explosives to their bodies and split up, heading for “Grand Central and Times Square stations — the two busiest subway stations in New York City.”

Zazi’s patsies were supposed to board trains 1, 2, 3 and 6 at rush hour and later put themselves in the middle of the packed trains to make sure the maximum “carnage occurred” when they blew themselves up and hit the air-conditioning. Well, it’s one way to get a seat at rush hour.

Meanwhile, during Zazi’s short visit to Queens from his Denver home last September, he rode the subway over and over to Grand Central and Wall St. stations, “scouting where to best spread death and mayhem,” the sources said. Boy, that’s juicy stuff. Makes you scared while it makes your blood boil.

Also, Zazi has confessed that he, Medunjanin and Ahmedzay (buddies from Flushing High School. Flushing High School?) journeyed to Pakistan in August 2008, of course, “to fight with the Taliban against U.S. forces in Afghanistan.” What else is new? Of course, they were recruited by Al Qaeda for the Manhattan “martyrdom” mission. I mean this story of dummies on a mission keeps repeating itself. And the dummies reading this crap keep buying it.

Oh, and “they received military training at a terror camp in the Waziristan region, and Zazi was taken aside and given special bomb-making training because of his knowledge of the subway system.” Good thing he didn’t know about the Staten Island ferries. He might have crashed the same ferry with his boyz like two real ferry captains did on two different occasions with their crews.

“The attack was to take place on Sept. 14, 15 or 16 — as soon as the bombs had been assembled =- with Sept. 14 the most likely date, sources said.”

But then, “Zazi acknowledged in court that the plan was aborted when he became aware that the FBI and the NYPD were on to him.” What a surprise.

He dumped the bomb-making recipes and explosives and flew back to Denver, where he was arrested a few days later.” He began cooperating this year. So the mole gets a deal for bringing in his two buddies.

The blind Sheik Raman and the FBI

Then we go all the way back to the 1993 WTC bombing and the blind Sheik Raman and his boyz; the FBI planting a mole in their midst, 46-year old Emad Salem, ex-Egyptian Army officer, in medias reas offering to provide 1,300 pounds of blasting powder for the van-bomb to be planted in the basement. At some point, Salem tells the FBI, he can supply just plain powder to the Sheik, nobody will get hurt, and they can still bust the Sheik for conspiring to bomb the WTC. But the FBI makes it happen and asks for the hot sauce, and boom, there goes the van-bomb in the basement, BABOOM, six dead, 1,000 injured. Read the New York Times story about it here or above, at WhatReallyHappened.

So, on and on it goes, the more obvious, the more flagrant, the more illegal the ops get. They have to keep that War on Terror going, keep the people frightened and angry. God forbid you suggest 9/11 was an inside job, like I did in the denial of victim families to go to court, i.e. The dust not settled on the last 9/11 victim family claim for a trial?

Even veteran historians, who have written about CIA and US government ops that occurred around the world since WWII will say you’re a crackpot. I won’t mention names to protect the true crackpots who have done some notable work, but somehow they can’t make the connection to 9/11 being the mother of false-flag attacks, the inciting incident needed to begin the War on Terror, to keep it fresh, so that they could begin their march to world hegemony. First, destroying Iraq, now bleeding our soldiers again in more years of Afghanistan, and bombing Pakistan with drones, etcetera, just to have a hold on the oil, the minerals, the real estate, the power. They’re all connected these aftershocks of 9/11, boom, one after the other, and they seem never to stop.

In fact, on Sept. 11, 2010, it was all about those awful “bloody” Muslims purportedly infiltrated into our very midst, even wanting an Islamic Learning Center two blocks from 9/11. And only to find out (mostly no one knew) that the Imam was funded by the Council on Foreign Relations funded by the Rockefeller Brothers, the Carnegie Foundation and their elite pals of the New World Order. So keep on shivering in your boots, America. Or, if you smell a rat, trust it’s our friends in Intel and Law Enforcement land, looking for their Christmas bonuses, and some more blood.

In fact, the capper this weekend was in Astoria, Long Island, no less, with a faux “car bomb” explosion-exercise drill conducted by the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), headed up by Joe Bruno (whoever he is). Why they had store window models posing as downed folk, real folks being led in an orderly manner somewhere and ambulances and lots of police cars and lots of police and lots of big guns in their hands and on their hips and enough fire-power to take down the Bronx. And of course as that home-grown baloney was being sliced, we received notices that Al Qaeda (“the base,” CIA Brand Name) oh gosh, is now active in France. I say Vive La France! Vive L’Amerique, Vive Le Monde!

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. His book State Of Shock – Poems from 9/11 on is available at, and He has also written hundreds of articles on American and world politics as an Associate Editor of Online Journal.




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