Rafael Correa: If I died that day, they’d call it suicide


RussiaToday | October 21, 2010

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa has given an exclusive interview to RT’s Spanish channel. During the conversation he spoke about some inside facts of the recent coup attempt in Quito. The violent drama left five people dead. Its details are still unclear. There’s no doubt it was an attempted coup, I will support my position with arguments a bit later,” said Rafael Correa. “In our country the opposition can say whatever they like. It is believed here that being in the opposition means denying obvious things, they are even ready to argue that a circle has right-angles, and if I had died that day, they would have said that I committed suicide.” “Presumably, a certain part of society — in this case, armed people, national police — expressed their discontent with the new law they haven’t even read to the end,” the president added. “The law is a good one, all this has happened because of misleading information.” Speaking on how the takeover was organized, he emphasized that the attempt was well-planned. “They were not acting on their own. Their actions were co-ordinated by political groups — that’s what I would like to stress. Those groups stayed in the shadow, waiting for the outcome of this attempted coup d’etat. But the attempt failed.”

Rafael Correa: If I died that day, they’d call it suicide « Dandelion Salad


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