WikiLeaks Press Conference with Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg

October 23, 2010 C-SPAN

The website WikiLeaks released nearly 400,000 classified military documents on the Iraq War concerning thousands of previously unreported civilian deaths and torture against detainees by Iraqi authorities. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was those who spoke at a news conference in London on the group’s findings.


The Secret Iraq Files: Cover-up of Torture and Executions

WikiLeaks’ Iraq War Documents Reveal Unreported Civilian Deaths and Extensive Torture by Andy Worthington

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange walks out on CNN interview + Iraq war logs: civilian deaths

US forces turn a blind eye to torture + WikiLeaks Iraq files reveal torture

from the archives:

Winter Soldiers Hit the Streets by Dahr Jamail


7 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Press Conference with Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg

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