All the Colonel’s Men – Who was behind Ecuador’s coup? transcript


On September 30th Rafael Correa was held by a group of angry policemen for about 10 hours creating a political scar in this Andean republic that would not be easily healed. In the days that followed the idea that there could have been a mastermind coordinating the actions of those who took such radical measures takes shape. There are reported facts that cannot been ignored: all the Colonels men were very active that day, having secret meetings in hotels, speaking on TV and allegedly coordinating what was taking place in a number of scenarios. The Colonel himself was conveniently in Brazil; but it seems like fate has a weird way to put the Colonel’s name in the last 4 Coups in Ecuador, even when he is not there. Who is behind all of this? Was this Lucio’s coup? To best understand what toke place that day, let us review some historical context in Latin American’s revolts and regime changes. Oscar Leon reports for The Real News.

All the Colonel’s Men


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  2. An excellent review of American perfidy in Latin America. I’m sharing this for those who are just tuning in to it.

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