Crude (2009)

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Chevron's Toxic Legacy in Ecuador's Amazon

Image by Rainforest Action Network via Flickr

From Wikipedia:

Crude is a 2009 American documentary film directed and produced by Joe Berlinger.[1] It follows a two year portion of an ongoing class action lawsuit against the Chevron Corporation in Ecuador.

The film follows the progress during 2006 and 2007 of a $27 billion legal case brought against the Chevron Corporation following the drilling of the Lago Agrio oil field, a case also known as the “Amazon Chernobyl”.

The plaintiffs of the class action lawsuit are 30,000 Ecuadorians living in the Amazonian rainforest they claim has been polluted by the oil industry. In addition to the legal struggle, Crude shows interviews from both sides, and explores the influence of media support, celebrity activism, the power of multinational corporations, the shifting power in Ecuadorian politics, and rapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures on the case.

The film concludes with the prediction that the legal case will not be resolved for another decade or so.


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