The Punk Patriot: VOTE! …or “Solidarity 2.0”

ThePunkPatriot | October 30, 2010

Poland was able to throw off Communist rule by organizing local groups together.

We can throw off corporate rule, if we just do the same thing.
Solidarity 2.0!


The Punk Patriot: VOTE! …or “Solidarity 2.0”


Dispelling the Myth of Election 2000: Did Nader Cost Gore the Election?

Excerpt from Death of the Liberal Class by Chris Hedges

What We Face in the United States By Timothy V. Gatto

Obama’s 2012 Platform: “They Made Me Do It!” by Sibel Edmonds

Why Should I Vote? By Timothy V. Gatto + Bob Avakian: The ‘voting trap’ under capitalism

The World Liberal Opportunists Made by Chris Hedges

How Voting Perpetuates Evil by Joel S. Hirschhorn

Why I Loathe The Democrats by Philip A. Farruggio

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