The Reality of The Insanity by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
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Dandelion Salad
November 1, 2010

Another election cycle is upon us . We have the Twiddle Ds ( Democrats ) , the Twiddle Dumbs ( Republicans ) and the new Tea Wind Bags all running like lemmings to ‘Get out the vote‘ . Duh, like it really will make a difference to our bankrupt cities and states. Duh, like it will really make a difference to our Military Industrial Complex who always receive their bloated budget? After all, they have to maintain an empire with not one but two illegal and immoral occupations along with the status quo of 750 + military bases in over 100 countries. You think the Fat Cats who run this War economy really care if a Democrat or Republican or Tea Wind bag candidate wins office? For every Russ Feingold, Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul that creeps out of the shadows of this corrupt two party system, there are hundreds of hacks to outvote and out shout them in Congress…. And from the White House!

The Military Industrial Complex recruits young men and women from low income and under serviced neighborhoods where only dead end jobs await them. Their selling points are enticements of lots of cash and the mantra to join up and ‘ Be somebody ‘. The reality is that many of these kids Be some … Body, returning home in a casket , or as a cripple for life…. Physically, mentally or spiritually! Many of our young soldiers , being placed in dangerous zones , either become trigger happy, downright pissed off or blown away by roadside bombs. Regardless of what the media spin doctors or the Pentagon tells us, the natives of these countries hate our guts! Remember Bush and Co. Asking ‘ Why do they hate us? We came as liberators!’ Let’s see, how about trying this: In Central Florida where I reside, shut off the AC and power in your house for 18 hours each day. So what if it’s 90 degrees outside ( and inside too with no AC ) , shut it down and then imagine how many Iraqis have been living since we invaded. Shut off the water in your house and walk to the store each day to buy bottled water…. For drinking, cooking and bathing. See how that feels after even 24 hours!

We now have a real trauma happening right here at home, due to these phony wars and occupations. The suicide rate of returning soldiers is astronomical! They are shooting their wives, girlfriends, young children and of course, themselves. Why? Is it the reality of this insanity. Of course, other recent veterans choose more interesting alternatives to finding another dead end job back home. I have an acquaintance who has a son who served in Iraq. I asked him how the kid is doing. ‘ Oh, he just got back after another year there. ‘ Did his son re-up after his first tour? ‘ No, he went back to Iraq as a private contractor…. The kid just made 300 large for the year , can you blame him? ‘ To those who not versed in city street talk, 300 large translated means $ 300,000 . We, you and I, are paying Uncle Sam to hire out America’s new Hessians. Insanity!

My activist friend from New Jersey, Ed Dunphy, has a great sign that he holds each time he protests on the street corner: Bush = Obama = Bush . ‘ And the hits just keep on comin! ‘

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is an activist leader and free lance columnist. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 200 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at, or at his own blog at Philip can be reached at


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12 thoughts on “The Reality of The Insanity by Philip A. Farruggio

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  4. Hi to my Buddy Phil

    He never disappoints. He is spot on again. Our brain dead country need s to be awaken. I call them the sleeping giant. Today I am working (protesting) at the polls here in good ole NJ. My sign reads “Democrats and Republicans , the same owner – Corporate America. I can’t tell you how many times today I have been called a communist. I gues they think thats worse than being a current day Democrat or Republican.

    OK, time to get back to the polls.

    Ed Dunphy

  5. I for one agree wholeheartedly with your comments and article..My question is why are we as a people allowing this all to happen..It seems to me that BIG government no matter how small or how large that we are not the voice through the politicians but we are being told what we can and cant do in this society that only the select few who are in office that we as a whole seem to have put there are in this power struggle of who is wrong and who is right..We allowed a President to start a war with a country IRAQ with No affilitation to the al quaeda terrorist group then the weapons of mass destruction that were never there or found and then blame it all on another different party President (Obama) and all the disaray of who did this who did that criteria..It is insane and it is all really bullshit to be honest..That is why I vote for none of the above none are worth my vote and none are worthy to truly hold office until they can prove to me that they are going to do what they truly say they will do sort of like being from Missouri ” Show Me” and then go from there.. Thanks for the great article and keep them coming…

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  7. This is one of the very best current articles I have read!!! It is truthful, factual, concise, and poignant. I am thrilled to have such a good piece to share with others to attempt increased understanding! Thank you, Mr. Farruggio!!

  8. Covered it all. And I get these stupid emails telling me to vote because soldiers have given their lives so I can vote. Soldiers has given their lives so bankers can continue to fleece the nation, so ex-congressmen can get jobs as lobbyist , so our rights can continue to be taken away, so we have to take off our shoes to board an airplane, so we can get decent medical coverage or education, et cetera.

    • thanks to you shane. a sad anecdote is in my own town here they ‘ decided ‘ just recently to build a ‘ veterans memorial ( why now? you know why ) . beside the memorial they have little plaques in the ground honoring soldiers from our town who perished in battle. so , we walk by one such plaque honoring so and so and it says ____ 1952 Korean War. then another ____ 1970 Vietnam War and then a new one that satys ( no kidding ) ____ 2004 War on Terror .
      disgraceful! yet this is the mindset of our militaristic society.

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