2010 Election: Live Election Results


Nov. 2, 2010

2010 Election: Live Election Results Maps for House, Senate and Governors Races

via 2010 Election: Live Election Results Maps for House, Senate and Governors Races washingtonpost.com


For your state election results go to your Secretary of State’s website.

For your local election results go to your County Clerk’s website.


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7 thoughts on “2010 Election: Live Election Results

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  3. Am I imagining things or did the words ‘unfunded WARS’ never pass the crooked lips of all these ‘fiscal conservatives’? What really is going on??

        • Maybe now we can have a decent peace movement?

          The Republicans are being rather bold in saying that they are going to get jobs for those who are unemployed and underemployed. The jobs are gone, and won’t be coming back. The corporations like paying low wages to workers in other countries.

        • Used to be they would all at least try to have ideologies and theorems, never this blatantly vapid. Finally got Moore’s last joint, he had hopes the people would come around. Seems they’ll have to circle a few more times around the drain yet…

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