Ralph Nader: Corporate socialism controls American government



Nov 2, 2010

Ralph Nader after the speech - Green Lecture

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Nader believes that Theodore Dreiser put it very well many years ago, when he said that “the corporations are the government”.

“Knowing they [corporations] can’t be out front because people don’t like a lot of these big corporations, they are ripped off by the banks and credit card companies, they camouflage and their camouflage is that they give the Tea Parties certain deceptive information and focus on certain politicians, and therefore they continue their work behind the scenes. We have corporate socialism in this country where profits are kept and losses are socialized on the back of the taxpayer,” Nader said.

“There isn’t a single department agency in the US government whose outside influence overwhelmingly is not corporate,” he added. “They control from the outside, they put their representatives into government positions, funding the members of Congress with their cash [and] 35,000 full-time lobbyists in Washington – they are the government.”


Ralph Nader: Dems Face Losses to “Most Craven Republican Party in History”

Democracy Now!
Nov. 2, 2010

With total campaign spending projected to hit $4 billion, the 2010 election is on track to be the most expensive non-presidential contest in US history. For analysis of the 2010 midterms, we speak to former presidential candidate and longtime consumer advocate and corporate critic, Ralph Nader. [includes rush transcript]



Ralph Nader: They’ve been so corporatized, so monetized, so driven on corporate power closer to the Republican Party, regardless of their rhetoric, that we have to have third party and independent candidates, even ones that are up against all this rigged ballot access obstruction. No other Western country obstructs voters and candidates the way this country does, especially with its state laws.

And that’s why I favor people voting their conscience. As Eugene Debs once said, better to vote for who you believe and lose than vote for who you don’t believe and win. And if we don’t vote our conscience, if we have this tactical, pragmatic approach, I ask those people one question: what’s your breaking point? How bad does the Democratic Party have to be, even though the Republican Party is worse, before you break away and stop being captured and taken for granted the way African Americans have been taken for granted by the Obama administration? That’s the key question everyone has to ask themselves as a voter: what is your breaking point? If you don’t have a breaking point, you don’t have a moral compass.


via Ralph Nader: Dems Face Losses to “Most Craven Republican Party in History”

mediagrrl9 | November 02, 2010

Ralph Nader: Dems Face Losses to “Most Craven Republican Party in History” 1 of 2

Ralph Nader: Dems Face Losses to “Most Craven Republican Party in History” 2 of 2


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  10. Yeah, it is a real shame when you vote independent and your vote goes to the party you don’t want to win. Couldn’t Nader start a grassroots movement like the tea party,lol? Oh wouldn’t that be a great day?

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