What is bothering America? By Jerry Mazza

By Jerry Mazza
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Nov. 6, 2010

Judging from the mid-term elections, it is the lack of jobs for the unemployed, and the creation of any more taxes for anyone. Yet curiously, one of the first things Republican leaders asked of President Obama was to lower government spending, which he should do, but then to continue the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich, equating to more than $700 billion, before they expire at the end of the 2010, which he shouldn’t do. Now, why would these newly crowned protectors of the people and their Tea Party friends want that—unless they favor the rich.

That $700 billion in expired tax cuts could go as cuts to small businesses to inspire job creation and hiring. And the rich certainly will be able to live with their stored surpluses of money and everything else. Moreover, the almost $14 trillion national budget deficit would be aided and abetted by the Fed not printing more money to lower the value of current dollars, as its recent infusion of $600 billion by Bernanke has done.

As to a Republican repeal of the new health care law, I’m for it. It was a compromised bill to start with, not far enough to the left to be single payer, an expansion of Medicare. Nor was there a public option, to have one government non-profit payer-plan in competition with for-profit private plans. But the Tea Party followers, ever angry, could not think their way through saving the $450 billion gift to the insurance companies and Wall Street built into the Obama-care compromise. Either it was that or no plan. Now they’re asking to repeal it. I wish them, as well as anyone who will be uncovered, the best of luck.

Returning to jobs, the outsourcing of American jobs goes back to the late 80’s at least, and to the 90’s largely when Clinton introduced US CEO’s to eager Indian and other far east business interests on several, massive, US-paid for junkets. His NAFTA Bill opened the doors to Mexico and other south of the border countries to compete with US companies with Mexican slave wages. General Motors shut down its Michigan plants to reopen them in Mexico. Thanks Bill. Not to be undone, George Bush followed that with CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Act. Net net, between the two Presidents, you can trace back the loss of millions of jobs to low-wage countries, the beginning of the end for American manufacturing, turning the US into a service economy. That also raised balance of trade deficits. We became an importing not an exporting nation.

As to Obama’s Financial Regulation bill, most of the economists I read say we are not any safer now from the predatory habits of the financial sector than we were before the crash. And this was a major source of anger for the voters because they were stung by the bailouts, i.e. the socialized assistance for the privatized debt of the financial industries’ excesses. Yet the ongoing trashing of protective legislation like the Glass-Steagall Act and the Commodities Futures Trading Act from Roosevelt on, both finally trashed in late 1999, went without notice. So did the interstate banking laws which helped to create the “too big to fail” banks that became investment/savings banks.

Originally, banks in the US were allowed to operate only in their state to finance their communities’ mortgages and businesses, and to invest in only the safest securities. Unfortunately, international banks were allowed to operate nationally in America. And the US banks cried out “why can’t we be like them?” And so they were to operate nationally and hence you developed the Big Six banks, too big to fail, to regulate and now issuing derivatives, credit default swaps, and the whole Pandora’s Box of weapons of financial destruction.

While this was going on, George Bush began, without a real investigation, the War on Terror on the flimsy evidence 19 Muslims, 15 of them Saudis, purportedly hijacking four airliners, two of which brought down Towers One and Two of the WTC, though the third Tower that fell, Tower Seven, wasn’t even hit by an airliner. It went down in what some 1300 hundred architects and engineers stated and signed in a petition sent to Congress that the occurrence was a classic controlled internal demolition. In fact, it was announced at 3 PM on 9/11/2001 by the building owner, Larry Silverstein. He said “we decided to pull it”, the term for internal demolition. But only two hours and twenty minutes later, it slid down in its footprint in 6.5 seconds. The architects and engineers also agreed it would take weeks, months to set up such a demolition. But in the sheeple mindset, it was easier to blame the mythical “terrorist hijackers.”

As to Towers One and Two, we watched them explode upward into thick clouds of pulverized dust, minutes before they were concrete and steel, et al. The balance rushed down in a pyroplastic flow of dust into the streets. Only 12% of the million tons of steel, concrete, et al, fell to the ground. The balance went up like steam from cow dung into the sky, lingering in a giant cloud, dispersing over a period of weeks if not months. We saw that with our own eyes, over and over again. Also, the fires from the jet fuel burned off within minutes, so fire could not possibly have caused those buildings to vanish. But the pulverizing explosions heard throughout the attack by firemen, police, first responders and citizens, most certainly did.

Again, it is possible that in addition to traces of nanothermite that were found in Ground Zero’s rubble that power beams fired from outer space, high temp microwave beams, like those developed in the military’s Star Wars program were fired at the Towers and brought them down. Whatever it was took the lacquered surface off of surrounding cars but left the paint intact. It burned out the engines of cars but left the bodies or frames unharmed. The important fact is that the airliner fires were not the root cause. They were a diversion like the so-called hijackers, whose dossiers were rushed out of FBI files within a day, and immediately sold as for-real in the media. 15 of them were Saudis though we never attacked Saudi, Arabia. Of course, they provided the sweet, crude, cheap oil we so love to suck up.

A short while after Bush declared the War on Terror, and illegally rushed to attack Afghanistan, FBI Chief Robert Mueller said we could not be sure those 19 individuals were really the perps. At least, seven of them were living in Mid-Eastern countries at the time. Their names were not originally on the manifests. Lately, an article posted in Foreign Policy revised that last bit of history.

Osama bin Laden, the purported ring-leader of the attack that we were after, was supposedly working from a cave on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. We haven’t found him in nine years. He had previously been taken off the FBI Most Wanted list for the crime of 9/11. Reason: not sufficient evidence. It might well be as the foremost 9/11 scholar, David Ray Griffin documented in his book—Osama bin laden – Dead or Alive, that bin Laden had passed in late December, 2001 and was buried in an unmarked grave in Pakistan.

Bin Laden had been suffering from a serious kidney condition that brought him to the American Hospital in Dubai in July, 2001, where he met with the CIA Station Chief. Years later, the CIA admitted that the videos of bin Laden confessing to the crime of 9/11 were made by a look-alike, fake bin Laden, whose face was thicker, younger, hair and beard brown not streaked white, whose voice was different, and who wore gold, a no-no amongst devout Muslims.

Osama had been originally recruited by the CIA to fight in the Mujahadeen the Agency formed, funded, trained and armed, to fight the “atheist Russians”. It was here that bin Laden met many fellow dissidents recruited from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden entered the names of the best men he fought with in a file on his laptop titled Al Qaeda, or the base. The CIA used this “brand name” to create a fictive enemy of the US in perpetuity, while using the Mujahadeen to fight and subsequently defeat, actually financially ruin our former Cold War enemy, Russia.

In the Pentagon, there was a huge explosion internally before what was probably a missile-carrying drone that spiraled down and jack-knifed at near ground level into the Pentagon as Flight 77 flew over it. In Shanksville, PA, Flight 93 was shot out of the air, according to eyewitnesses, by a white military plane, most likely a drone. Eyewitnesses added that F 93 exploded in air, descending in a rain of confetti-like pieces. It did not disappear suddenly in the rabbit-hole bog of an abandoned quarry. 757 parts would have been scattered all over the place.

Given the high technology involved in all of this, including the probable remote-controlled flying of F 11 into Tower One and Flight 175 into Tower Two, the latter airliner did not come apart, as many experience pilots suggested it would, after making its 180 degree turn at the WTC from south to east to north, flying at 500 mph at less than a thousand feet. Video technicians noticed afterwards that its nose cone curiously popped out of Tower Two on tape, looking as if it was a piece of animation. It would have been impossible for F 175 to pass through Tower Two with its nosecone unscathed. It leaves us with the notion that it was a hologram of Flight 175 that we saw fleetingly cross our eye-line, the destruction we attributed to the crash caused by internal explosions in Tower Two.

The truth is, we can debate details of what exactly happened until kingdom come. But essentially the scope of 9/11 was beyond the skill-set of low-tech Muslim “terrorists.” It was rather terrorism manufactured by our hi-tech intelligence agencies and military to incite the War on Terror—just as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor jump-started WW II. Back then, the new US fleet had been sent floating away from the Japanese fleet, and early warnings of the attack were ignored. Both attacks are false-flag operations, meaning you attack your own people and falsely blame another nation, so that you can then attack it.

Notice, the Tea Party doesn’t mention the $2-3 trillion dollars, manpower, and goods dumped into the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan, as key components of the excessive spending of the US Government. It’s as if the thousands of American troops haven’t been killed and maimed as Obama extended the Afghanistan war, ramping it up with billions more. Nor do they mention the millions of Iraqis killed, the climbing number of deaths in Afghanistan and Pakistan, both military and mostly civilians. This is where the money and blood are flowing, and to Wall Street, the world’s banker, like Halliburton, profiting on it all.

Bottom line, all this mid-term election has accomplished is to change faces, nearly 70 in the House of Representatives from blue back to red, and six from blue to red in the Senate. Fundamentally, though, they will be banging heads as usual. Both the insanity of clashing ideology and ignorance of truth will continue until apocalypse wins, i.e. a deepening recession into depression, or something like the hyper-inflation of 1920’s Germany that brought us its own Boehner (with his crocodile tears of patriotism and Storm Troopers), looking for new goats, illegal or legal aliens, progressives, gays, and intellectuals to pick on and head-bust or more if necessary. In fact, anti-intellectual, alien-bashing, even media bashing (as watered down as it is), is key to the Tea Party attempt at a takeover. It will be up to the larger share of sane Americans, including bona fide Republicans to kick them out of politics once and for all.

They are an ill-wind (or windbags) blowing no good into the American air, from their disbelief in global warming to their relentless championing of the white, upper middle-class-to-billionaire-rich-contributors (like the Koch Brothers) funneling money into their movement. That and thanks again to the Supreme Court’s bogus turning corporations into personages to pour endless millions into key campaigns all over the country. We have learned to steal elections in a whole new way with a complicit Tea Party, hapless Republicans and blue dog Democrats, and the most pernicious, President Obama. Thus, when I conclude this country is going to the dogs, you know exactly what and whom I’m talking about, largely the whole lot.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. His book State Of Shock – Poems from 9/11 on is available at www.jerrymazza.com, Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. He has also written hundreds of articles on American and world politics as an Associate Editor of Online Journal.


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