The Ping-pong U.S. Political System by Ed Ciaccio

by Ed Ciaccio
Dandelion Salad
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November 9, 2010

So the ping-pong U.S. political system again produces the illusion of “change”, as Republicans (Rethugs) take control of the House while the Democrats’ (Dims) majority in the Senate is narrowed, and President Obama says, again, that he will try to reach out to the opposition party to work with them.

More conservative (“Blue Dog”) Democrats were defeated last week than liberal ones, mostly because the Blue Dogs ran in conservative districts which preferred REAL Republicans to DINO’s (“Democrats In Name Only”).

Most USans are justifiably disgusted with the corrupt, anti-democratic U.S. political-economic system, not just the deluded, corporate-funded Tea Party extremists who hate “Big Government” (except the Pentagon) but suspiciously say nothing about Big Corporations.  And we have excellent reasons for that disgust.

Obama and his Wall Street Bankster cronies made sure they all got their stimulus and bonuses as the other 99% of us still suffered massive unemployment, underemployment, fraudulent foreclosures, stagnant wages, decreasing benefits, and a health insurance/Big Pharma scam (“ObamaCare”) that mostly boosts corporate profits while it raises our premiums and continues to prevent discount prices for prescription medications.

And that’s just the woeful Corporatist-Militarist Ruling Class’ economic policy of Total War on the Working Class, which basically tells us that the middle class is going to continue to get screwed and shrunken; and the poor can either enlist to become targets and PTSD victims in our imperialist military, or starve in our cities, suburbs, and rural areas.  We’re all only commodities, as is the earth, to the Corporatist-Militarist Ruling Class.

As for their foreign policy of Global Domination, Obama, the Peace Laureate, and the Dims, with Rethug support, continue to bomb and murder Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and do the same to anyone else worldwide, Muslim or not, who opposes the U.S. Empire, or merely gets caught in the wrong place – their homelands – at the wrong time – namely, whenever the U.S. decides it needs that land.  So Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nigeria are now also in U.S. crosshairs, and Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Iran, and much of Africa and Asia will soon be, as well.

Obama continues to keep our torture prisons operating in Guantanamo and Bagram; continues surveillance of us; continues increasing war profiteering spending; is prosecuting (as well as persecuting) conscientious whistleblowers; has escalated drone bombing in Afghanistan and Pakistan; has begun drone bombing in Yemen; and now claims authority to assassinate American citizens anywhere on earth.

And Obama, the constitutional scholar, still refuses to prosecute the many war crimes of the Bush/Cheney regime, as required by law, both U.S. and international.  But that’s no real surprise, considering how Obama is not only continuing those war crimes, but adding many of his own.

As war criminal George W. Bush begins his book tour this week, promoting his pathetic, ghost-written memoir justifying, if not boasting about, his authorized wars of aggression, torture, and shredding of our civil liberties, watch how Obama, the Dims, and the Rethugs all remain silent about the many monstrous crimes of the Bush/Cheney regime.  But being an accessory after the fact is still a crime.

So the Dims, our OTHER Corporatist-Militarist party, deserved defeat.

But so do the Rethugs.

As long as we are stuck with an alleged “two-party” (but one ideology – predatory corporate capitalism) system, we are doomed.

And as long as we have a winner-take-all electoral system, instead of instant runoff, we are stuck with that “two party” system.

And as long as the Corporatist-Militarist Ruling Class controls Dims, Rethugs and the Media, we will never have instant runoff elections or any chance for true democracy here.

Game over.

Those of us given to activism spurred on by our pangs of conscience will continue to struggle against the Permanent War Economy and the National Security State the U.S. has become since at least 1945, and continue to work to stop the mass murders in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and everywhere else U.S. imperialism raises its brutal, ugly head.  We will because it is the moral thing to do, and so we must.

But we know, deep down, that our resistance is futile against the most widespread, militarily powerful empire the world has known.

We also know that the path the U.S. is on, regardless of which wing, Dims or Rethugs, of the Corporatist-Militarist Ruling Class Party is in power, will soon destroy the U.S. economy, drag down much of the world economy with it, and hasten the catastrophic climate chaos already underway.

All we can realistically do now is take care of our family, friends, and neighbors, and do whatever we can to survive the catastrophes and upheavals of the next 30 years.


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2 thoughts on “The Ping-pong U.S. Political System by Ed Ciaccio

  1. ‘But we know, deep down, that our resistance is futile against the most widespread, militarily powerful empire the world has known.’

    Remember Ozymandias!

  2. Except instant runoff doesn’t avoid the two-party system.

    Look at Australia; they’ve used instant runoff for about a century. Do you know how many third-party candidates have been elected to their house of representatives in the last twelve years?


    There are election reforms that WOULD avoid the two-party system though; approval voting is one, range voting is another.

    I recommend reading William Poundstone’s “Gaming the Vote” or visiting

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