Ralph Nader: Corporate takeover of America


thomhartmann | November 09, 2010




Ralph Nader: Corporate socialism controls American government

A Recipe For Fascism by Chris Hedges

The Phantom Left by Chris Hedges

Ten Questions for Tea Partiers by Ralph Nader

The Iron Heel (1908) by Jack London

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  16. Thanks, DS–Nader reflects “Lincoln of the log cabin” and is serving well as my unelected President.

    Before watching this interview, it hadn’t occurred to me that the third political party is already shaping–it’s us Independents! What better way to get campaigning back to issues, not “brands” as Hedges so well exposes, and not via Palinlike-pawns created to throw hot potatoes into the populace to agitate false and/or simplistic divisions.

    The strategy Nader proposes is brilliant–psychologically deft.

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