A New American Revolution By Timothy V. Gatto

By Timothy V. Gatto
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Dandelion Salad
Nov. 12, 2010

"Stop Bitching - Start a Revolution"

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Revolution is one of those words that capture attention. When people think of revolution the War of Independence or the French Revolution come to mind. Revolution needn’t be that extreme, however, revolution is what is needed in what has become the most repressive and militarily expansive government on the face of the planet. The government I’m talking about isn’t Iran or North Korea, its The United States of America.

This country has been involved in one war or another since its inception. The years since the beginning of World War II have been a non-stop litany of horror for the people that have borne the brunt of our war-mongering and also the men and women of our Armed Forces that have been tasked with perpetuating them. The future does not bode well for peace. The fact is that any kind of “peace” has been “taken off the table” by the politicians that were elected by a minority of the population using sham political parties that no longer represent the people of the United States but the corporations that profit from the World’s largest war machine and support this nation’s war economy.

I had vowed to take time off to regroup and reconnect with the things and people I cherish. Things are moving too quickly for me to stop writing now. The draconian budget cuts that Obama has proposed on the backs of what is left of the Middle Class here in America should bring attention to what kind of government we have. This is a government that supports the corporate oligarchy, not the working man. Compromising on the Bush tax cuts for the rich is extremely telling. He would rather cut Medicare and Social Security than fall into disfavor with the people with the power behind the throne.

Pointing the finger at those that refused to vote is pointless. There were no real choices in most of the elections that would have offered any meaningful change. The Democrats and Republicans are one corporate party that both dance to the tune of their corporate benefactors. These two political parties will legislate the American working class into oblivion. This nation’s rulers and corporations have no need for the amount of workers that we have in this nation. Why employ American workers when they can use robotic assembly lines and cheap foreign labor?

The only thing they have not taken into consideration is the backlash of the people that have been excised from the American dream. Where will they find substance for their families? What will happen to the anger that will grow when people no longer have meaningful work to do?

The government has implemented draconian laws under the guise if “fighting the terrorist threat” using the Patriot Act among other legislation. The focus of The Department of Homeland Security isn’t on a foreign “terrorist threat” it’s on American citizens. Recently Obama declared that “We are not at war with Islam” on his trip to Indonesia. He was correct. We are not only at war with Islam; we are at war with anyone that opposes the United States, including American dissidents.

Yesterday Michael Chossudovsky writing for Global Research presented a government that is out of control. (1) The distressing message that he conveyed is that we Americans are the only ones that can stop this ride to not only destroying America’s working class, but igniting a conflagration that will bring about the end of humanity itself. These are his precepts:

What has to be achieved:

  • Reveal the criminal nature of this military project,
  • Break once and for all the lies and falsehoods which sustain the “political consensus” in favor of a pre-emptive nuclear war.
  • Undermine war propaganda, reveal the media lies, reverse the tide of disinformation, wage a consistent campaign against the corporate media
  • Break the legitimacy of the war-mongers in high office.
  • Dismantle the US sponsored military adventure and its corporate sponsors.
  • Bring Home the Troops
  • Repeal the illusion that the State is committed to protecting its citizens..
  • Expose the “fake crises” such as the global flu pandemic as a means to distract public opinion from the dangers of a global war.
  • Uphold 9/11 Truth. Reveal the falsehoods behind 9/11 which are used to justify the Middle East Central Asian war under the banner of the “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT)
  • Expose how a profit driven war serves the vested interests of the banks, the defense contractors, the oil giants, the media giants and the biotech conglomerates
  • Challenge the corporate media which deliberately obfuscates the causes and consequences of this war,
  • Reveal and take cognizance of the unspoken and tragic outcome of a war waged with nuclear weapons.
  • Call for the Dismantling of NATO
  • Implement the prosecution of war criminals in high office
  • Close down the weapons assembly plants and implement the foreclosure of major weapons producers
  • Close down all US military bases in the US and around the World
  • Develop an antiwar movement within the Armed Forces and establish bridges between the Armed Forces and the civilian antiwar movement
  • Forcefully pressure governments of both NATO and non-NATO countries to withdraw from the US led global military agenda.
  • Develop a consistent antiwar movement in Israel. Inform the citizens of Israel of the likely consequences of a US-NATO-Israeli attack on Iran..
  • Confront Target the pro-war lobby groups including the pro-Israeli groups in the US
  • Dismantle the homeland security state, call for the repeal of the PATRIOT legislation
  • Call for the removal of the military from civilian law enforcement. Call for the enforcement of the Posse Comitatus Act
  • Call for the demilitarization of outer space and the repeal of Star Wars

This entire scenario that Chossudovsky presents is daunting to say the least. Still, it seems to me that it is the only way that we are going to stop the powers that be from reducing planet Earth into a cinder. The economic destruction of the Middle Class is just the beginning of their campaign to rule the world with impunity. We have a choice. What we do with that choice is completely up to us. We cannot wait until we have nothing left to lose. We must start now to change the direction of our country.

Economic enslavement eventually turns to political enslavement. Political enslavement is the goal of both political parties that rule in the United States. The so-called Tea Party has it only half-right. The party that they look to free them from political enslavement is as much a slave-master as the party they oppose. We need to operate on every level in every direction. It doesn’t matter if you are talking to a right winger, left winger, conservative or liberal or anyone in-between. Just tell them what you know, even if you have to scream at the top of your lungs. This is our fight. Nobody is going to do it for us. Either join the fight or accept the consequences. Don’t tell me it can’t be done. It can be done; it’s just a matter of will and self-preservation.

(1) Remembrance Day: Reversing the Tide of War. Say No to Nuclear War by Michel Chossudovsky

Contact Tim at: timgatto@hotmail.com. Read Tim’s Complicity to Contempt and Kimchee Days or Stoned Cold Warriors from Oliver Arts and Open Press.


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Fare thee Well By Timothy V. Gatto


8 thoughts on “A New American Revolution By Timothy V. Gatto

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  3. Great article. I’ve never seen it said better or more succinctly. Once again Tim speaks for a great many of us.
    And PS., the Greens were part of the debate for Gov in my state, the only debate, and it was cool they let every party and candidate participate, not just Dee and Dum. Here’s what’s cool: even news commentators were saying how much good sense and intelligent commentary came from Howie from the Green Party.
    They only got 1 or 2 % of the vote, one of them was mine.Voters don’t get it just yet but they will. A third party will emerge.

  4. With our exports of $1.41 trillion in 2008,, $696 billion were in weapons related products and services.
    This is just what we do.
    The Japanese , Koreans, and the Germans build cars, we build fighter jets and weapons systems.
    Don’t look for the revolution coming from university areas, our Defense Department pours so much money into academia these days it is simply staggering, for example MIT received $609 million in 2005, and that is just a drop in the bucket of money sent out every year to universities.
    Al of us who care about this seemingly endless march toward war should read “The Complex” by Nick Turse, and then we should send out copies to all our friends and families. This book should be required reading for every college freshman, and every senator and congressman. Read it and weep. We have lost all control of our “defense” department, and the revolving door of our professional military into and out of private military suppliers. The only solution will be to cut the tax funding of our federal government. We have about as much control of what Washington does as the average German had of Adolph Hitler in 1944. We have none.
    It should be obvious by now to any rational person that our ally Saudi Arabia helped finance the horror of 9-11, thus allowing our troops to come over and babysit their regime. They benefit,, the military suppliers benefit,, and the civilians are killed every day by our weapons.
    We should be afraid of our professional military and private intelligence community, because they are not working for us, they are working for the weapons industry, with more momentum and gusto than any other segment of our nation. Democracy? No. Wartocracy. Wish I had any decent ideas to suggest,, all I do is rant to my nephews !! Thanks Mr. Gatto, great article,, keep it up !

  5. Dear Mr. Gatto,

    Join the Green Party … without a political arm to serve as an umbrella for the left we have a scatter shot movement …

    • Maybe that’s a good idea. We need something to get some momentum.The DSA which I belong to seems to be a mouthpiece for the Democrats. We need greens with balls however. Ones that have the stones to make great “soundbites” on the media to draw attention to what is going on.

      • Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for your quickening return, Mr. Gatto! War is upon us citizens from so many directions: Pricing middle class youth out of higher education; enslaving the hungry to poverty wages; exploiting the natural resources; preying on human nature through advertising, TV shows offering Cinderella Moments, to name a few.

        The spirt of rebellion can become focused. I don’t know about this Green Party, though. I’m thinking Independent might be the better interloper in the current political scenario.

        Ralph Nader in a recent interview (help me with the link, Lo) indicated that the Independent Party is already growing in numbers. “Independent” isn’t a pre-defined identity; it can’t be readily reduced to a sound-bite-position. Why pre-set the target for the masters of deceit and manipulation.

        Independent means standing in a moving stream of issues present in the Now, as opposed to beholden to some traditional, often sentimental, perception of self-as-Blue, Red, or Green. People already have formed an opinion about these colors. Independent means citizens ARE the founding and the foundation AND, we are of all colors.

        I am not deceived into thinking the formation of a shift to a “third party” is going to in and of itself stop the mad plans of the current political regime.

        Calling out corruption and spotting manipulation is an on-going part of any hour any day, any where. You and so many other intelligent journalists have facilitated wakefulness in more citizens than you know…and we are fast approaching our own “independent” reckoning with a betrayal started so deep in history it has been mind-boggling and heart-wrenching to see and sort.


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