Claiming the Commons – Food for All on Haultain Boulevard

peakmoment | November 20, 2010

Growing Red Raspberries

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Peak Moment 185: Rainey Hopewell’s crazy idea has ended up feeding a neighborhood and creating community. She and Margot Johnston planted vegetables in the parking strip in front of their house. They offer them free for the taking ? to anyone, anytime ? with messages chalked on the sidewalk noting when particular vegies are ready to pick. Neighboring children and adults are joining in to work on the garden, harvesting fun along with food, and even handing fresh-picked vegies to passers-by.

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Official! The Police no longer need a warrant! By Roland Michel Tremblay

By Roland Michel Tremblay
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
The Marginal
Written on 9 February, 2009
20 November, 2010

Roland Michel Tremblay

It took me two years to finally send this article, I was afraid, afraid of
the police and other authorities. It is now official, the Police no longer
need a warrant to enter your home and look through your things, hoping to
find something to incriminate you. I am a living proof of it, twice over,
living in the United Kingdom no less.

Never would have I expected this from such a country. There you are, they
found nothing, there was nothing to be found, and yet, we have found
something. Something serious, critical, significant. This is the end, the
beginning of a new way of life, an all powerful Police State against which
we are all powerless. It has begun. and it happened to me not once, but
twice in the last two years, our worst fears have materialised.

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The Stimulator: It’s taco time!

stimulator | November 20, 2010


Image by Geoff Dexter via Flickr

This Week:

1. Irate Irish
2. London Calling
3. Rubbish Riots
4. Federal Explosives
5. Sinixt Blockade Wins!
6. Threat of shotguns halt mining
7. Kanye West is a racist
8. George Bush Don’t Like Black People
9. COP16 Climate Clusterfuck in Cancun

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Why has Viktor Bout been extradited to the US? By Jerry Mazza

By Jerry Mazza
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
crossposted at Online Journal
Nov. 20, 2010

Ex-Russian Air Force officer Viktor Bout, accused of selling weapons to insurgents across the world for two decades, has been extradited to the US to face terrorism charges. Bout was flown from Bangkok to New York Wednesday and directed to the Metropolitan Correction Center in lower Manhattan and appeared in Federal Court yesterday.

Touted as “The Merchant of Death,” Bout, according to the Wall Street Journal, pleaded not guilty to charges that he agreed to supply Colombian terrorists with weapons with the intent to kill Americans.” An earlier, updated NY1 story included accusations that Bout provided support to “groups in Africa, South America, and the Middle-East who tried to kill Americans,” the recurring theme.

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Chomsky: “The Business Elites … Are Instinctive Marxists” by Keane Bhatt

Noam Chomsky Portrait

Image by Duncan Rawlinson via Flickr

by Keane Bhatt
t r u t h o u t
19 November 2010

Acclaimed philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He shared his perspectives on international affairs, economics and other themes in an interview conducted at his office in Boston on September 14, 2010.

Keane Bhatt: Your new book “Hopes and Prospects” begins with the story of Haiti, and that’s what we discussed last, so it’s an appropriate place to start the interview. For hundreds of thousands of people, decent, hurricane-resistant housing is a chimera. Despite the billions given to relief agencies, Carrefour camp-dwellers pay a monthly “tax” just to stay there; 1.3 million people are still internally displaced. An estimated 8,000 displaced persons have been forcibly evicted. If there were a functioning, democratic Haitian state, it could use eminent domain on behalf of the affected population to secure land for permanent housing. Continue reading

NATO: Afghan War Model For Future 21st Century Operations by Rick Rozoff

by Rick Rozoff
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Stop NATO-Opposition to global militarism
November 19, 2010

As the North Atlantic Treaty Organization unveils its first 21st century strategic doctrine in Lisbon this week, its first ground war and war outside Europe is in its tenth year with no end in sight.

The invasion of and subsequent nine years of combat operations in Afghanistan are logical – inevitable – results of the military alliance’s last Strategic Concept adopted at its fiftieth anniversary summit in Washington, D.C. in 1999. At the time NATO was waging its first full-scale war, the 78-day Operation Allied Force bombing assault against Yugoslavia, and had absorbed the first of what are now twelve members in Eastern Europe: The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

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