David Lindorff: Police + Homeland Security = Police State + RT crew arrested in Fort Benning


Shut Down the School of the Assassins 1

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RTAmerica | November 23, 2010

The United States has been known as a beacon for civil liberties, except these days it seems those rights are being stripped away more and more. Police in Fort Benning, GA arrested RT correspondent Kaelyn Forde and cameraman Jon Conway at a rally that was protesting the SOA, however the two were doing their jobs as part of the press. Author and blogger David Lindorff says US police are a part of a joint strike force with Homeland Security to collect information on Americans in order to create a police state.

US police disregard civil liberties


RT crew arrested in Fort Benning

RTAmerica | November 21, 2010

An RT crew has been detained in the U.S. as they filmed a rally near a military training academy dubbed by critics the ‘School of Assassins’. A cameraman and a correspondent have been taken into custody in the state of Georgia, along with a number of activists.


Arrested RT correspondent talks about police brutality at Fort Benning

RTAmerica | November 22, 2010

Released RT correspondent Kaelyn Forde talking about her arrest at Fort Benning where the RT crew covered an annual demonstration against human rights violations committed by the SOA and WHINSEC. She says even though they presented their press credentials they still were arrested.

6 thoughts on “David Lindorff: Police + Homeland Security = Police State + RT crew arrested in Fort Benning

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  4. Just read this from another site(Silver Lining);
    “In particular, the RT correspondent and a cameraman were facing the dilemma of admitting their guilt of “participation in unlawful assembly” and paying a fine, or going back to jail.

    The decision was made to pay the fine.”
    I think this was a big mistake on the part of the crew.
    Now that they have admitted guilt, what attorney will they find to represent them? Why could they not contact an attorney when they were in jail? I think the lesson here is to have your attorney’s phone number on hand at all times,, and to never agree to enter a plea with the advice of your attorney ! NEVER !

  5. Arrest of a news crew? It will probably be very difficult to find a local Georgia attorney willing to take the case, but there are probably a few hotshots(Kunstler types) that will take it and sue Georgia for a bunch of money.This is the beginning of something very scary. Very dumb move on the part of the local police.Respect for our “fourth estate?” Don’t think so. Hope very much this story does not just fade away.

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