Is Anti-Semitism More Acceptable Than Criticizing Israel? by Sean Fenley

by Sean Fenley
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Nov. 24, 2010

Glenn Beck would appear to be the template for the anti-Semitic Zionist. After Beck odiously displayed a puppet show, with Hungarian Holocaust survivor George Soros as the stringer-puller-in-chief. Soros is, of course, ostensibly directing and manipulating the country and politicians on both sides of the “political divide” — presumably toward an end of his creation. Beck’s defense for all of this, is that he is probably a stronger supporter of the state of Israel than his bogeyman and antihero.

Soros is unequivocally far from a humanitarian, and — judging from his behavior in the economic and political arena — not whatsoever a nice guy. He’s known as the man who took down the Bank of England, he was convicted of insider trading in France, he’s enriched himself off of the rapacious practice of speculating on national currencies, and he even once told former Malaysian leader Dr. Mahathir Mohamad that he was a menace to his own country, because he implemented taboo, at the time, capital controls — a practice that has now been accepted, by even many on the right. But controlling the country via the organizations and non-profits that he supports and donates to? No, that is just absurd.

Beck is “harmless” insofar as he makes scurrilous attacks on anyone left of Cleon Skousen, and so long as he does not take his racial hatred — and hatred of most minority groups — too far outside the lines. It matters not, though apparently, that he’s on a purported news channel and thousands, if not millions, would seem to hang on his every word. And not to mention, of course, that they would seem to be at his predilection to rally in support of neofascism. The FDA is currently banning alcoholic energy drinks in the fifty states in this country, but Glenn Beck’s hokum doesn’t come with any kind of a black box or a warning?

If Glenn Beck came out tomorrow and said he would no longer support the apartheid state of Israel, that would be it. Forget Beck even engaging in such a statement that is that black and white — or “too far” to one side. If he said the United States needs to be an independent broker in the peace process, instead of the lawyer for Israel, it would be curtains for Beck! He’d collect his severance package, and, God-willing, be on to a different venue. Beck can seemingly, however, continue to propagate the most vicious, unsubstantiated and scurrilous kind of attacks upon George Soros, and apparently, continues to clock in — just the same. Who will be the next controllers of America, according to Glenn Beck’s crack investigative “journalism”? There’s an army of groups and people that can be scapegoated, just as Beck has shamefully promoted toward one wealthy Jew.

Fox News, obviously continues in its slide toward oblivion, but make no mistake, however — no matter how far the rhetoric falls down into the gutter — we can continue to be assured that the AIPAC/Likudnik position on Israel will remain unassailed. To question that particular orthodoxy is a far worse faux pas to make, than to project the kind of stuff of Father Coughlin and virulent hate speech on to national television. We already knew that most of these fundamentalist Christian so-called Zionists care nothing for the Jewish people, and now we can unequivocally say that we know the same about the loathsome Murdoch “news” channel. According to their ideology/mythos, of course, the Jews will be engulfed in the Rapture, or converted to worship their God.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current, and future U.S. military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.

4 thoughts on “Is Anti-Semitism More Acceptable Than Criticizing Israel? by Sean Fenley

  1. Sean , i have fellow christian friends that have been sold a bill of goods about a whole host of things. bad theology stuff. one of them has to do with being pro-Zionist. but that does not mean that they hate the Jew or as you said ”care nothing for the Jew”. that is a real over-generalization on your part . these are sincere people . its just that they have bought into false spiritual teachers .

    the one thing that them and me have in common is that we do want to see the Jew be converted back to their God . and this can only happen once they accept their own Messiah Jesus . their rejection of him was not a ”oops we missed it ”…but rather a pattern in history of killing their own prophets , constant disobedience to the Torah , etc. given that pattern it makes perfect sense that they would reject their Messiah . but that is only temporary . eventually ALL will accept .without coercion .

    unless one sees this pattern of why they reject the peacemaker Messiah Jesus one cannot see the deep violent roots of Zionism . and unless one does not see the deep violent roots of Zionism one cannot understand that the Jew is in microcosm what we all are enmity toward a loving God until we accept that love.

    • Anyone who believes in the Rapture and that is the reason that she or he is a Zionist, IMO it is accurate to say that that person cares nothing for the Jews. S/he may be manipulated by a preacher or something like that, but it doesn’t excuse that s/he is using Israel and Israelis to support their religious prophecies.

      • Sean, I’ve been a Christian for 36 years and many of the Christians that I know have fallen into the trap of a pro-Zionist position. I’ve had long discussions and debates concerning their theological position. Some believe in the rapture, others do not. The reason that they are pro-Zionist is not because they are forcing the hand of prophecy to be fulfilled. This is a common misconception from a generally Christophobic society.

        What is at the root of their Zionist support is to see Israel succeed because in that it helps them see their own nation succeed.

        Their interpretation of the Old Testament verse concerning Israel, “Those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed,” is a twisted understanding.

        You have to understand, Sean, that if you are going to have any dialogue with these people, that they are sincere. But sincerely wrong.

        Because under the New Testament Israel is not a nation but those whether they be Jew or Gentile, that have been reborn by the spirit from heaven.

  2. Can’t remember who said…”Zionism is giving Judaism a bad name”. Neither one should be acceptable, except that Israel’s barbaric behaviour towards the Palestinians must not be condoned. By remaining silent we become complicit.

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