The Harvest: Farming Sustainably in New York

Seed and wither flower of buckwheat

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lauraflanders | November 24, 2010

Eating less meat might be better for the world, but it can definitely be delicious. Buckwheat is actually a fruit, a grain substitute that can be excellent for those with gluten sensitivities, or just a nice alternative to the usual. GRITtv’s Danya Abt and Zac Halberd took a trip up to Ithaca, NY to visit the buckwheat fields, where Erick Smith, Greg Mol and Shane Hardy of Cayuga Organics took her from the field to the flour mill, introducing us to the challenges of sustainable farming and its many rewards.

Thanks to Kevin McHugh and the Andrew Oliver Kora Band for the music! Distributed by Tubemogul.

The Harvest: Farming Sustainably in New York


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  1. I live in Asia, and I did’nt know you could still have sustainable farms in a big City like New York. Great site you have here. I was searching for organic and sustainable farming and found my self here. 🙂

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