Noam Chomsky: There is a solution to the Israel-Palestine issue

Noam Chomsky.

Noam Chomsky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TheRealNews | November 30, 2010

Noam Chomsky: What needs to be done has been clear for decades


Noam Chomsky: This one happens to be uniquely easy to figure out the solution–there is one. It’s been on the table for 35 years. Virtually the entire world supports it. The only holdouts are the United States and Israel. At least in theory and words, Europe, the Non-Aligned countries, the Arab states, the Organization of Islamic States, which includes Iran, they basically all agree on a political settlement on the internationally recognized border. It’s the so-called Green Line, pre-’67 borders, with two states, Israel and a Palestinian state in the occupied territories, and possibly some adjustment of the border. It was a ceasefire line. So when the US was still part of this consensus, it called for moderate and mutual border adjustments. That was actually brought to the Security Council in January 1976. The US vetoed it. Again in 1980 it was–. I won’t run through the whole record, but it’s basically a record of US refusal to accept it. Of course Israel refuses. They want to take over as much as is valuable to them of the occupied territories. Now, since, there actually is one occasion when the US came close to accepting it. That was in January 2001, Clinton’s last month in office. He did–he provided what he called “parameters” for settlement. Both sides accept them, as he pointed out. They met for a week in Taba, Egypt, tried to work out the details, and they apparently came pretty close to a settlement.




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