Is the First Amendment Dead & Gone? You bet! by Sibel Edmonds

by Sibel Edmonds
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Originally published by Boiling Frogs Post
7 December, 2010

…and so are so many other rights

I just received an email with a link to the following clip, and with the link came the headline that read:

‘Wikileaks Has Proven the First Amendment is Dead & Gone!’

WarAgainstAllWars’s | December 07, 2010]

Is the First Amendment dead & gone? You bet! Has it been dead and gone for a while now? You bet! Where have these people been? Don’t take me wrong. I agree with what’s being said, and I’m so very glad that it is being said; finally. Maybe it took this latest war (this has been resembling a war more and more every day) to get some people see the reality on the ground-make that, in our nation…and while you are at it, make that for almost a decade. So why is this the case?

Please chime in with your thoughts on this, because the last time I checked:

The Fourth Amendment was Dead & Gone: Think NSA illegal eavesdropping; think FBI national security letters…

The First Amendment was Dead & Gone: Think state secrets privilege; think gag orders; think NSA again…

The Notion and Function of an Independent Supreme Court was Dead & Gone: Just go check the last ten years’ rulings when it comes to cases against the ‘tyrannical federal government’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

The Separation of Powers was Dead & Gone: Be my guest and review the Congress’ track record on oversight and accountability and you’ll be done in less than a second – since that’s how long it will take to read a blank page…or look for anything showing states exercising their power or having their ‘say’ when ordered by the big fed…

The Adherence to US Military Code on Violations of Geneva Convention was Dead & Gone: Need I even elaborate?

Okay, don’t get me started again. I have already covered some of these issues…pretty intensely;-) Instead, let me know why we are among the irate and very minute minority who are seeing all these deaths!


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