There is Something Wrong with the Independent Media By Steve Windisch

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy)
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
December 9, 2010

There is something very wrong with the independent media. It is unclear if this is somewhat about a failure to understand “priorities”… or if it is mainly something “darker” related to deliberate suppression and misdirection. We do know, that several important and vital stories very damning and damaging to the “status quo” are now not only suppressed by the corporate owned mainstream media (an old story for decades, but a phenomena that greatly increased after the events of “9/11” ); but are also now virtually ignored in the so-called “Independent” Internet media as well: The very people whom we trust to bring us information that the mainstream refuses to. This is a highly disturbing trend that appears to be growing; and what it causes as a result (for whatever reason), is to help maintain the “status quo” and the “hear-no, see-no-evil” mainstream media aura of : “No important questions ever asked, nor answered.”

Ultimately this is to the benefit of those profiting from the current situation on this planet. A “situation”, that any poll would list a very large majority of folks as believing to be anywhere from “Highly Undesired” to “Intolerable”. Yet, despite nearly universal disgust with our lot, we see vocal dissent actually shrinking and lessening; and organized movements all over the spectrum losing members; not gaining them. And… more disturbingly… we see serious dissent against the status quo as seen in the independent media shrinking as well.

Have we have been infiltrated and co-opted? Have we have been taken over behind the scenes, and turned into what some call “Controlled Opposition”? If this is the case, then we could expect to see the following as “symptoms”:

  • Endless stories, often heavily and cleverly “emotion based”… about bi-partisan infighting, cheerleading, and personal demonizing against opponents on the other side. These are the “favorite”, and apparently most effective, of all political distraction strategies: “The Roman Circus”, the endless televised sport of the “American Politics Football League”; that perpetually consists of only a few teams; yet the popularity of the games never seems to wane. And despite all the loudly proclaimed and argued “touchdowns”, “field goals”, and “punts”… neither side ever wins, or attains any of their stated goals.
  • A lack and lessening of serious dissent attacks against the current administration / regime. This includes both a growing perceived “distaste” against dissent, and a change in tone regarding the tactics of the opposition to these attacks moving increasingly towards ad hominem and denigration… using the derision of the “popular” against the artificially labeled “unpopular”… instead of legitimate debate that seeks to investigate and examine issues as openly as possible…. not “chill” the discussion of them via social pressure and derision.
  • Fewer serious articles that support “radical” viewpoints… and indeed, a “moving target” and changing of what is actually considered “radical”… moving towards the “status quo”, not away from it (meaning the definition of what is “radical” is changing before our eyes to be much less “tolerant” than only a few years ago). We see this not only in government and mass media; but also increasingly in the independent media, and this is a phenomenon worthy of study and consideration; as when times get worse for us all, the opposite should be expected.

Are we indeed seeing these things happen now in the independent media? That is for the readers to decide for themselves.

If so, then what specifically does it imply? It would point either to a change in societal popular opinion, or a change in the independent media itself. Yet we know that the level of general discontent of Americans is growing not lessening; and it is simple deductive reasoning that as this general discontent and loss of trust in the government grows, those it would “endanger” would work harder at stifling dissent to protect “their” status quo. And that is the suggestion in a nutshell: That indeed, we are now seeing a concerted effort to turn the independent media into little more than a minor arm of the already co-opted mainstream media.

So, working on he assumption this is “True”, what sort of important news stories would a co-opted “independent” media, besides the mainstream, also attempt to suppress or marginalize, if indeed it is becoming the “secretly controlled opposition” ?

  • Stories that paint the current Administration in a bad light (which can translate to many of the below as well).
  • Stories that show the “corporate oligarchy”, the status quo of the American corporate power structure, breaking the Law; and otherwise acting immorally in ways that endanger or impoverish common people (or our environment). Essentially, most news stories that show them to be anything other than their Public Relations would have us believe. In these cases, the level of illegality is the deciding factor to the level of “suppression” that is applied: For instance, attacking “Monsanto” generally (without specifics that could be translated into actual Criminal Charges), is less “dangerous” to the status quo, than pointing out glaring and specific crimes of oil corporations (such as “BP” or “Exxon Mobile”). This is also very true for International Crimes and travesties committed by American corporations overseas (especially the oil corporations), which very few of us ever hear about at all… Even from the so-called Independent Media.
  • Stories related to the above, that show the States or Federal governments ignoring or even helping their “corporate clients” break laws or perform especially immoral and odious acts.
  • News stories illustrating the true nature and extent of the financial upheavals of the few years; showing the financial institutions in a very bad light or exposing specific Crimes. Including stories that work to “remind” people of the very subject of the Crisis and “Bank Bail Out”; which considering the vast import to the nation’s economy and Recession / Depression, was quickly “dropped” as a “popular” subject many months ago. Another glaring example of this (from over two years ago), was the “Oil Price Bubble”, which all evidence shows was pure “speculation”, and clearly perpetrated by the entities involved in the energy sector themselves: In clear violation of many stock and commodities markets manipulation laws, RICO ct Racketeering, and Anti-trust statutes. Yet, this was a woefully under reported story, not only in the “corporate owned MSM”; but also, surprisingly, in the alternative media.
  • Information and Stories that point out the very drastic societal changes of the last decade regarding Distribution of Wealth, the near- and ongoing- destruction of the American manufacturing sector, and the diminishment towards poverty, of the American Middle Class. Frankly, these appear to be “verboten” subjects not only in the mainstream media, but now, increasingly, in the independent media as well. So “no one” wants to hear about poverty in America? It would appear that way when viewing the news reports objectively.
  • Related to the above “corporate suppression”, but unique in the actual very high level of suppression seen; are stories related to the Energy Sector that positively point to clear and viable alternatives to oil and coal (or that point out the poisonous nature of oil); especially when these alternatives to coal and oil can provide “de-centralized” home and on-vehicle energy production that would endanger the profits of the private electric utility corporations who produce nearly all electricity in the United States (and who are generally “running silent”, as in almost never being heard from or mentioned in the media), yet who have an extremely powerful lobby in Washington that most folks do not realize; rivals that of the Oil or Pharmaceuticals corporations in scope and sheer political power. The energy producers remain “quiet and under the wire” (especially since the “Enron” Conspiracy which was a rare look into that very dirty window), and have worked to be that way for many decades: Because their greatest desire is for the American people to think of “electricity”, and all the money they pay for it, as “natural law”; something that just “is”… “inevitable” , a “fact of life” that “cannot be questioned”. The suppressed and under-reported alternatives to coal and oil, can both be “controversial” (popularly called “free energy” devices, but actually clearly scientifically valid), or fully “conventional” (as in “Wind” and “Solar”). It is an odd fact few realize, that important information regarding Photovoltaics (solar panels) is being suppressed in the mainstream media; and the entire subject rarely mentioned… and even in the general independent media. And that the “Green Energy Initiatives” we heard so much about in the last Presidential election (ironically from both sides of the political coin), not only never materialized; but are never even discussed either in the media, or Congress… And, it is important to note, that the very fact that these alternatives are and have been suppressed is itself a mainly suppressed subject in the independent media. When one considers the vast importance of “Energy”, to every single aspect of society and the economy… It is difficult to describe the “lack of interest” as anything else. The “money” to be followed regarding the subject of Energy, dwarfs profits and gross receipts of any other two or more industries / sectors combined. As an aside: Another interesting recent example of this suppression and the power of the Electric Utility corps is the “Chevrolet Volt” automobile: Very few people realize that the on-board gasoline engine cannot recharge the batteries…. they must be plugged into electrical Mains to recharge. There is quite frankly no technical reason for this at all: It is a blatant political decision to sell more electricity. When we see such things, it is difficult to consider them as anything else… And they raise questions as to why even the Alternative Media “stays away” from them, and sometimes even suppresses the few articles that are written on them.
  • Stories that pertain to Alternatives to conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals. Although these have been highly popular in previous years, one can noticeably detect a “chilling” factor of fewer articles and pertinent information being published (despite nearly daily revelations in how the FDA suppresses them). This may also be a factor of the U.S. FDA’s increasingly draconian threats to anyone who does practice, or even mentions Alternative Medicine. Yet, for whatever reason, we are seeing less real information on these subjects this year; not more. Again, it is a matter of “degrees”. “Cannabis fighting Cancer” being the most suppressed not only in the mainstream… But also in the alternative media.

So, what highly important news stories are now being suppressed in some form in the independent media, as well as the corporate-owned mainstream media? There are several ongoing today (December, 2010), but older or current examples can be found for every “bullet” listed above.

A Partial List of Suppressed Stories: The BP Gulf Disaster.

This horror created a great need for the energy cartels to “stop the hemorrhaging” as quickly and as strongly as possible. This is not referring to the actual amount of oil that was spewing; but to the very negative public relations that this Disaster caused (in their minds, a much more pressing “danger”). It created a situation, where draconian suppression were needed in a much higher and more potent level than nearly any other situation we have ever seem. Otherwise, the oil cartels (not just BP), could expect a very “serious” backlash to the ongoing use of oil, and a general “waking up” of the Public to both the hazards of out-of –control fossil fuel use, and to the viable alternatives that are now available. The BP Gulf Disaster was the defining moment for both mainstream media, and independent media “suppression”: The oil corps have consistently pulled out all the stops, and have done these things to control the flow of accurate information in a rather open and telling way that cannot possibly be hidden, or even misconstrued. They were, and are, “gambling” out of desperation: That the American people’s vast indifference can “save” them for a few more year of easy monopoly profits; before the inevitable alternative energy revolution can no longer be stopped. It is quite a near thing: If outrage at the situation was allowed to build widely, these mysteriously missing “Solar Initiatives”, these Peer Reviewed Studies on the clear links between Benzene from Diesel fumes and Cancer in cities (that kills millions of people a year around the world)… These stories of other horrors caused by blatant and undeniable oil corporate crime such as in the Amazon Valley and the Niger Delta… The disastrous wars of aggression that we have fought over “oil”…would be more widely and openly examined, more widely known and understood. That is why “Benzene” is a word never seen nor heard in the corporate mainstream media: And not only because of the BP Gulf Disaster itself (although the health issues to local Gulf residents has been very vigorously suppressed), but because of the wider implications of “Oil as a Poison to both Humans and the Planet” that if more widely known and understood, would greatly speed the end of its use.

The Government Involvement in the BP Gulf Disaster and resultant Health Issues.

This is actually a related but separate Story (or perhaps two more discrete stories): That any small amount of research can show is quite amazing and “newsworthy”. Here, we have a situation where the U.S. government actually declared it a “national security issue” to suppress important information about an oil corporation’s gross negligence. They actively tried to stop tenured independent Scientists from taking samples, stop reporters from filming and talking to witnesses, and even attempted to threaten private chemical testing laboratories from accepting samples for test if they came from private citizens. They also attempted to silence independent scientists with threats from government-paid lawyers. The U.S. and several States governments have consistently lied about the output of the “spill” (with clear evidence from Federal government employee whistleblowers that proves it), and these blatant lies even went so far, that the President of the United States did a public relations “photo-op” showing him and his family swimming “in the Gulf”. The truth of that very telling, and shameful event was, is that it took place far from the actual Gulf, in a protected bay that was never “oiled”… Yet, the impression it gave to thousands of prospective tourists who were watching, was that it was “OK” to go to the Gulf beaches… while those very same privately-collected samples that the government tried to stop, proved conclusively that the government agencies were systematically lying about the amount of oil and dispersant in the water (and the levels of poisons in the seafood as well). The result of this gross and open deception was that many people have become ill; some of them children who swam or waded in the Gulf waters and were exposed to high levels of the highly toxic dispersant/oil mix. And of course there is the future concerns, where these huge amounts of poisons in the environment (on land as well; being inevitably transported via wind and rain)… cannot but insure many more illnesses of Gulf area residents for decades to come. The poison nature of these chemicals is well known, and irrefutable: Yet, they were dumped onto the Gulf in amounts that have never been seen, or even dreamed of before. This alone is the “Story of the Century“, yet the reader must ask themselves: How many of us are aware of all this… even those of us who read or watch Alternative Media ? This story has been suppressed whenever possible, even in the “independent” media. It is highly disturbing.

The very widespread dispersant use, a poison in itself that reacts with oil to create even more toxic chemicals, was widely misreported and misrepresented. Both the government and BP claim that the use of this dispersant stopped around the beginning of August 2010 ; for a total of over 2 million gallons of it being sprayed into the air or dumped directly into the oceans. However, there has been much evidence from local eye witnesses that the use of these deadly poisons have not stopped: When oil slicks that were “dispersed” (actually only mainly sunk to the bottom), rise again and become visible from time to time especially in coastal waters; more dispersant is still being secretly used to hide it again (with the reported help of the U.S. Coast Guard; who vectors the boats to the scene and forces fishermen from the area). These “midnight sprayings and dumpings” have been reported over and over as happening close to shore… A very serious crime that breaks many State and Federal laws. Yet, they are being done not only with the government’s sanction, but with their active help.

When one considers the monstrous nature of these events and crimes, it is almost “understandable” as to why they would go to such lengths to not only suppress them in the mainstream national media (which they have done quite successfully)…. but also in the independent media to as great an extent as they are able to get away with. We see far fewer reports and articles on this subject in the independent media that such stories would normally merit: That is undeniable fact. The few stories we do see, are generally ignored.

These acts cannot be fully suppressed (as the many links at the end of this article show); we have far too many people on the scene reporting on their own experiences with videos, photos, and multiple witnesses. What can be “successfully” done is not publish or sufficiently spotlight the few articles that are written on it. They can be buried and barely seen; and they can be attempted to be somewhat marginalized by the use of paid shills in the “comments” area. These are usually not direct attacks, because these things cannot be plausibly defended without looking absurd and suspicious…. But the common method is to misdirect whenever possible and change the subject by inference; and to use the infamous “Whack Attack”: A bizarre and “crazy” sounding comment without any merit designed to lead those who read it to think the supporters of the particular subject are “inferior”. It is important to note, that these comments do not fit the profile for usual ones, on any subject: They expect us to believe half-literate and “crazy” people come onto the site and only post on these particular threads. But the most common method of all to deal with “unwanted” news reports is to simply ignore them as much as possible; as that is the age-old general strategy when the topic cannot be plausibly debunked.

The import of these issues and news events are self-evident: In a “real world”, these stories would have “legs” for many months: They usually do not, and always to a lesser degree than is deserved by the circumstance; not even in the independent media, let alone the mainstream.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ One-Two Punch to the “Oligarchy’s” Gut

We recently have had a marvelous example of truly superb speech making, something rare today in America. Senator Bernie Sanders made an amazing speech, full of important and meaningful data, on the floor of the Senate. Yet, surprisingly, this speech was hardly noticed in the “Progressive” independent media at all. Here it is:

What it did, was categorically list and illustrate what is happening to our society. It shows the remarkable major change we are facing, changes of tremendous import we haven’t seen since the 1930’s. Besides the obvious swipes at the desires for more and more tax cuts for the wealthy, perhaps the most important thing it does, is encapsulate just how terrible, and dangerous, these changes in the Distribution of Wealth has become in America, which is clearly a suppressed subject not only in the Mainstream Media.. but also in the so-called independent media.

It also touches on very important other issues, that the oligarchy would wish remain hidden: Such as the fact, that Exxon-Mobile” made over 19 Billion Dollars in pure profit last year, and paid zero in Federal taxes. When one hears that, they start to understand that this is not about “free market capitalism”… not about “socialism verses capitalism (the favorite framing lie of the oligarchy), not even about “a new world order” as many people now believes is behind the curtain….but instead it is about simple Crime and Corruption. The REAL “curtain: that is being hidden behind the endless conspiracy theories each more exotic than the next. Another interesting point brought out in the speech is the destruction of our manufacturing sector; most of it going to China… a Communist country. This is an embarrassment for those “Conservatives” who support the off-shoring of our manufacturing jobs, while simultaneously yelling “socialism!” when any protections to the economy or statutes to govern the out-of-control financial sector, are put forward.

The second punch in Senator Bernie’s repertoire was in regards to the Federal Reserve being forced to divulge who it gave the “2009 / 2010 Bank Bail Out” money to. In the below article, it shows how over two years ago, Ben Bernanke the head of the Federal Reserve (actually a private institution backed by cartels of large and foreign banks and not a government agency), refused the Senator’s request to know where the money spent in the Bail-Out went, in front of cameras. The Wall Street Reform Act” was then later passed, with the Sanders Amendment included, that forced the “Fed” to comply to these very simple demands of transparency. In the article and it’s links to the Federal Reserve site, we can see who did receive the money, and it is quite astounding. Corporate America, not just American Banks who claimed to be teetering on the edge of collapse, received a surprising part of it. “McDonalds”, “General Electric”, “Verizon”, and even the Japanese car company “Toyoda” (who never pays any U.S. corporate taxes), received the largess. Foreign banks were also loaned large amounts at very low or no interest.

Also in the article, Senator Sanders calls for investigations regarding evidence that many of the Banks who received zero-interest loans, used this money instead to speculate and even buy Treasury Bills, which the American people have to pay Interest on. Not only did they refuse to use this taxpayer money to brace-up the economy disastrous shaken by the banks’ own failures and immoral and illegal practices, and help people from losing their homes (at risk only because of an economy directly impacted by these banker’s own policies), but they actually used it to defraud the American taxpayers out of even more money. We also see that these same bankers are actually making more money now than they did then, that amazingly, many Profited from the tanking of the economy… And when we consider that all the many home mortgage Foreclosures allowed these banks to take over hundreds of thousands of homes “free and clear”… It becomes clear that this “Financial Crisis” actually benefited them greatly and personally, while destroying the economy of the nation, and creating the worst Unemployment since the Great Depression.

“Not newsworthy”?

These two very recent stories about Senator Sanders and what is going on with America, were deemed “too dangerous”; like live dynamite… and are being suppressed. But the point of this article is this: That not only were they suppressed or marginalized to “Page 5” bare mentions in the mainstream media and totally ignored by TV news (as we have grown accustomed to), but they have also, surprisingly, been mostly ignored and under-reported by the vast majority of the “independent” press as well (so far anyway).

When we are shown proofs that clearly illustrate the most pressing issues and problems we face, they should be reported on and discussed as widely as possible: Not deliberately suppressed and ignored. This is the problem we face today: That without an effective and honest independent media our causes are utterly lost. It is as simple as that.

The Radicalization of Dissent

We are seeing something change in America… That the notion of political dissent is no longer worthy and healthy…. and is instead “dangerous” and “threatening”. The two below linked recent articles (the one about gas wells being barely mentioned in the independent media as well), illustrate how the U.S. government now “feels” about dissent: They apparently consider it a direct threat to their existence, and are treating it as such, even when the dissent is actually against oil and gas corporations and not the government itself (although, as with the BP Gulf Disaster, these two are increasingly, and openly, appearing to really be the same “entity”). We can lament this as it being “not the America I was raised in”… But doing something collectively to denounce and fight this growing trend, would be much more effective. These people in the corporate and financial worlds can only get away with what we let them get away with via apathy; and when such major sea changes go un-remarked, it is clear that more, and worse, is yet to come.

In there may be several factors as to why our independent media is losing steam and effectiveness instead of gaining. We are “scalding frogs”, so attuned to the current conditions, that often nothing touches us any more: A “brutalization” effect that has made us callous and less prone to speak out or even care over outrages that would have had much greater import only a decade ago. Another factor relates to the fact that a “Democrat” president is currently in office, and all that entails for staunch Democrats: Dissent against these issues can cause a great deal of cognitive dissonance, illogical denial, and less than honest viewing of the subjects at hand; in support of our own personal political beliefs. But “News”, and events, are really not about politics: they simply “are”: To be viewed through our own personal subjective lenses. The important point here is, that we cannot allow others to filter what we are allowed to see; especially in the independent news genre…. Or we are utterly lost.

Or, as was previously suggested, we may be experiencing government / corporate influences behind the scenes that are tempering and directing the independent media. To some extent, this is certainly the case (and especially in regards to the topic of “Energy”, the most “guarded” and suppressed topic of all, which is more often censured than any other). From the status quo’s point of view, this is the obvious and most “cost effective” thing for those who hold power to do… it is the definitive “no brainer”. This “controlled opposition” and behind the scenes censure of the independent media would always be a matter of “Degrees”. How much, is it growing, how fast is it growing, who is behind it, can we possibly send it into retreat, what does it mean for us all if we cannot defeat it?… Are the questions that these subjects disturbingly raise.

The time to help insure the independent media remains independent and honest is now. “Taking back” the mainstream media can never happen without this… And it can be argued very effectively, that taking back this nation from a criminal oligarchy will never happen with out the active participation of a “freed” mainstream media first.

So it is clear that this issue of a controlled opposition and “independent” media is a vastly important one for us all… that grows with importance daily as the suppression grows. However, it is rarely discussed seriously. Perhaps a dialog is in order? To those who disagree that this is happening; we could ask what are the actual “negatives” of having such a discussion?

One thing is crystal clear: That such a “behind the scenes control” of the independent media would despise and fear having just such a debate most of all. The most positive aspect here is this: More awareness, more “light” shed on the subject, more people thinking about it… can only help. Suppression cannot succeed in an environment of awareness.

And perhaps some of this under-reporting and ignoring of highly important issues that are about misplaced “priorities” (such as the constant political bipartisan “Yeah Team” nonsense that always seems to ignore the actual pressing issues that affect us all ), can be “reconsidered”, if only for a moment, while the cheerleaders stop to draw another deep breath.

Links Regarding Important Stories Even Suppressed in the So-Called Independent Media

The Oligarchy and Financial Sector Crime

Bernie Sanders’ Speech on the floor of the Senate “There is a War Against the Middle Class”:

Bernie Sanders: There Is A WAR Being Waged Against The Working Families Of America!

Senator Sanders Reports on the Fed’s Distribution of “Bank Bail Out” Funds:

Bernie Sanders: $9 Trillion in Bailouts to Corporations Exposed

Max Keiser: Goldman Sachs should be taken up on financial terrorism charges!

Energy Suppression

The subject of Energy is huge, those interested in the alternatives that have been suppressed and ignored even by the so-called “independent media” can start here to learn more. Recently, proof that the US gov. is suppressing more efficient SOLAR PANELS has surfaced. And the recent Peer Reviewed work of Dr. Daniel Nocera of M.I.T. in generating Hydrogen from water HIGHLY efficiently is critically important to our futures, yet never has been mentioned in the mainstream media, and very rarely in the so-called INDEPENDENT MEDIA, because it is a serious “danger” to the continued perpetual use of coal and oil (yet we see below; Exxon Mobile now admits to having a similar system). See wall posts, video, and Photo sections for PROOFS we have been blatantly and often lied to about Energy.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER TO ASK: “What happened to the ‘Solar Initiative’??”

The Free Energy Facebook Group (administered by the author, one of dozens of similar sites on the web)

Seen there, Exxon-Mobile now has a Hydrogen From Water Fuel system (verifying what many have been saying for 30 years). This proves the validity of “free energy” concepts… yet it is not “Newsworthy”?

The Recent and Growing Radicalization and Demonizing of Non-Violent Dissent

Silence of the Press: US media turns blind eye to RT crew arrest

Alternatives to Mainstream Pharmaceuticals & Medical Cannabis Curing Cancer (suppressed since 1974)… This story that points to clear past Crime on the part of the government, should be shouted from the rooftops in the independent media… what’s the problem?!

(a local news story that was not picked up nationally)

The BP Gulf Disaster & Blatant Suppression (too many to list them all; there are many more at several of the sites linked, or at the author’s “Facebook” home “wall”)

(Not all independent media is “complicit” and it is about “degrees” not “black and white”),_media_moves_on,_but_gulf_residents_are_bracing_for_a_mammoth_health_crisis_from_the_spill

Kindra Arnesen Suffering Health Problems From Life In Southern Louisiana

Dahr Jamail: Covert Spraying, Fascism in America

Many more are available for anyone looking. But the point is, that this is a MAJOR NEWS STORY, that is nowhere near being “over”.

From the archives:

Wall Street’s Pentagon Papers: Biggest Financial Scam In World History – $12.3 TRILLION in taxpayers’ money by David DeGraw (must-read)

David Lindorff: Police + Homeland Security = Police State + RT crew arrested in Fort Benning

Grope-a-Palooza by Cindy Sheehan

10 thoughts on “There is Something Wrong with the Independent Media By Steve Windisch

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  4. We must make the punishment for screwing the American people utterly eclipse the rewards that the scumbags of the world are reaping; then, and only then, will this scumbaggery cease.

    Steve – excellent article.

  5. What is happening is that much of the “independent” media is controlled by foundations that say they are for true journalism but against any true radical perspectives because they get their money from the same “trough” as right wing sites.

    The “dot -org- Foundation” business, and I do mean business, is all about people using their wealth to control the dialog with huge tax write offs to help them along …

  6. Steve,

    Alex Jones is a right winger who is part of a right wing group, largely based in Texas, that sees conspiracies everywhere; has a conspiratorial view of the world. they are against Democracy and action by the masses of the people, and are highly insular.
    Some of their views are so absurd that the suspicion exists that they are trying to discredit the 9/11 movment.

    The reason that 9/11 is so important is that there is enormous evidence that the ruling class and its power structure are not merely corrupt, they are murderous. And it is people’s fear, allied with our Patriotism that prevents a movement resisting the War on Terrorism and the pollution engendered by the corporate state.

    It is getting worse. Unless the American people understand historical power relations, including the murderous attack on the population by elements of the power system, and the resulting coverup, it is impossible to form a movement based on the reality based truth.

    That is why a coveerup of 9/11-antrhax by pseudo-lefitsts like Alexander Cockburn, Matt Taibbi, and Noam Chomsky is important. It prevents people from seeing clearly that the American power structure is not only not Defending the people from Terrorists, it attacking the people with terrorist strategies. And this is very difficult emotionally for Patriotic Americans to accept.

  7. Hi Morgan,

    There is a very good reason for it:
    It doesn’t fit, and not “everything” is about 9/11 (although i clearly support a new independent investigation).

    It is not a story suppressed in the alternative/ independent media, either… it gets a lot of press, there are dozens of sites about it.

    Yet people like Alex Jones, the “darling” of the 9/11 truth movement, consistently support theories that HELP the energy cartel, and suppress stories that are damaging to them.

    * Pushing “Climategate”, to a point where “everything” about climate change is claimed to be “B-S” and faked. The fact that these people are against ALL pollution controls, not just ones related to “Co2” (LISTEN to what Lord Mocton says sometime… and you will see what i mean).
    * Pushing the “Endless Oil” theory (the work of Rev. Williams that has not ONE shred of corroborating data to back it.. and they NEVER say what form the “oil” is supposed to be in… shale oil? it is not economical to mine).

    * FRANKLY ABSURD “False Flag” and “oil volcano” theories, with zero proofs, about the BP Gulf Disaster… which coincidentally ALWAYS work to take blame away from BP.

    * He never discusses energy alternatives, not even solar let alone free energy.

    * He never discusses the plight of the POISONED residents of the Gulf… a VERY REAL situation, not a “theory”… instead of helping break the MSM blockade on the thousands of sick residents, he HELPS it.

    So forgive me if i am not interested in NWO theory… the fact is that the result of mass corruption and “every-day” CRIME look exactly the same to us on the ground as a concerted effort for “NWO” would… it is a distraction and a red herring that has fooled millions into ignoring the corruption… and that IS the exact reason for it.

  8. We live in a culture of Stimulus-Reaction=Done Deal, “mission accomplished.” It’s a conditioned mentality, not authentic thought.

    Just because there isn’t a whole lot of commotion in the “news” doesn’t mean meanings aren’t being registered. The quiet mind sees the patterns, and a whole lot more than ever gets into any kind of press IS HAPPENING.

    Take heart,

  9. I agree that much of the alternative media has been coopted by American power. But this article does not mention the 9/11-anthrax public reliations homicide. The 9/11 attack was not only used to initiate the War on Communism, there is increasing evidence that it was orchestrated by the US power structure to be so used.

    In particular, there is overwhelming evidence taht builiding 7 was exploded by internal demolition.
    The implications of this event tends to cast suspiciion on the American power structure, especially members of the Bush 2 Adminisstration.

    However pseudo-leftists, like alexander Cockburn, Matt Taibbi and Noam Chomsky have characterized the scholars and scientists and other professionals revealing this infomration as ‘paranoid nuts.’ Or, as Chomsky says, the mass murder of nearly 3000 Americans, pssiblly by the American power structure, is “irrelevant.”

    This is utter bullsht. The American power structure is installing a terrorist corporate state in the US and the 9/11 events are crucial to understanding this installation. Much of the pseudo leftist media are, in effect, defending the American power system of this charge, gatekeeping the truth from the American people. I say again, this is not mentioned in this article.

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