Wikileaks: The Movie By Timothy V. Gatto

By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
December 9, 2010

I’ve been following what passes as “the news” from the mainstream media. The most peculiar set of circumstances have emerged as the Wikileaks phenomenon unfolds. I say “phenomenon” because I’ve never seen anything like this, except maybe The Pentagon Papers back in the early ‘70’s.

It seems as if the MSM can only talk around the subject without actually getting too specific. It’s as if they are trying their best to report on a subject without getting into too many details. It would be hilarious except for the fact that for many in this nation of ours, the MSM is their only news source. Most people that primarily get their news from various sites on the internet have probably seen or read many of the more salient parts from these latest diplomatic messages that were designed for government eyes only.

If the mainstream media happened to be your primary source for news, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if you believed that Julian Assange was a traitor to his nation, except for the fact that he isn’t an American. Maybe he could be classified as a traitor to Australia, or maybe to the entire British Commonwealth or even worse, a traitor to the entire “Free World” as we used to call ourselves until we realized what an idiotic concept that was. Or he could be a genuine hero, the verdict is still out.

Now we have a situation in which the primary player is being held in a British jail, not for espionage, not for divulging “state secrets”, not even for libel, but for some “sex crime” he committed while he was a guest of Sweden. Now we find out that one of his two accusers is connected to the CIA. It seems that one of her former bosses blew up an airliner that was transporting a Cuban sports team (working for the CIA it seems). It seems as if this entire fiasco resembles a modern-day connect the dots game.

The whole world is watching this drama unfold. The further we delve into this story, the more unbelievable it gets. Frankly, if this were a movie script, I doubt it would ever see the light of day. If I were a producer, I’d need the writers to tighten this script up.

First of all, the characters need to be believable. Unless this was designed to be a spoof or a comedy, the audience must believe the characters could exist. The way in which the script is written today, it just isn’t plausible. First of all, how does the lead character support himself? We see him giving interviews with various members of the press in Indonesia, Sweden, Great Britain and elsewhere on planet Earth, but now that all-important question pops up. Who pays for the airline tickets? How is this globe-trotter able to get around the globe? Just who supports his quest? The age-old questions of Cui Bono (who benefits) and follow the money appropriately applies here.

We also have a lead character who believes in nothing. He isn’t anti-war or pro-war (even though it looks as if he has that “thousand yard stare” that reminds us of a shell-shocked veteran). He supports the government’s explanation and its stand on 9/11 and belittles those who suspect a conspiracy. There is very little in the way of an explanation as to why he would put himself into harm’s way by taking on the United States government. He is neither a hero nor a villain. His crusade has no objective. He has no objective.

He has a “poison pill” that he said would be used if he were to be killed or incarcerated. He claims that he has other “leaks” that would be made public. If by sitting in a jail cell in London fits this criteria, we should all find out fairly soon just what this new information consists of.

The script has all of the essentials for a hit movie. We have this inscrutable character, secrets of the Empire, a CIA-connected sex partner who was enamored with the lead character and later felt so betrayed that she pressed criminal charges (for what? One may ask). Add to this a conscience-driven soldier in the stockade for breaking the Empire’s trust. Financial giants such as MasterCharge and PayPal forced by the Empire to sever their financial links, even Amazon was scared away.

So, do we have a movie yet? It appears that within the next few days the script will be reworked, a few bugs ironed out and yes Virginia, we WILL see a movie out of this yet.

But for the meantime, we will all be reading about Mr. Assange in his jail cell in London, hoping that soon the mask will come off and he will reveal his true identity and then we will all find out exactly how and why this entire thing came about. People will be screaming about state secrets, state security, freedom of the press and everything else that may apply. This is a time when everyone’s eye is off the ball so to speak. Could be the reason why this all came to be? Has anything been passed onto the public that even warrants all of this attention?

I’m sure we’ll all find out, sooner than later.

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  2. This piece is confused garbage. Assange is an obvious hero who is trying to reveal to the population the truth about American imperialism. He is being viciously and illegally persecuted by the US power structure for, essentially, telling the truth.

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