The Truth… Hurts!!! by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
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December 12, 2010

My astrology teaches me that the planet Pluto, traveling through the sign of Capricorn (2009- 2012), means that the truth must come out. My Catholic background teaches me that “The truth shall set you free.” My agnostic and atheist friends tell me that science only recognizes truths that can be examined and proven. Logic and intuition tell me that without truth we are lost as a civilization.

The web site WikiLeaks and its founder, Mr. Assange, are front and center in the news. What did they (or he) do? Well, they simply released the truth! As with the 2007 US Apache helicopter massacre of Iraqi civilians, including two Reuters newsmen, as if it were some juvenile video game , the truth hurts! It hurts those who are guilty of evil or underhanded acts. The truth can…. And should, bring down leaders, institutions and/or governments that behave in such a manner. Instead, in the case of Wiki Leaks, it may physically bring down Mr. Assange, either in a jail or as in his untimely death by assassination. I kid you not! Mainstream political leaders, pundits and journalists have said just that. Disgusting!

A cogent analogy to all this would be the Catholic priest sex abuse scandals. The truth of a priest sexually violating a young boy (or young girl in some cases) is a terrible revelation. Yet, to cover up and protect the guilty party from the authorities is a sin against our entire culture…. Not to mention the child in question and his or her family. Yet, the Vatican did just that… For decades… Perhaps even centuries! So, what was the result of these cover ups? In many instances the priest continued to violate other children. Darkness replaced the light of truth and no one was properly served. WikiLeaks has been only a messenger of events and ideas and plans that governments and institutions have used to manipulate and control. Embarrassing? Yes, as with the priests who violated their oath to their God, so it is for those who violated their oath to serve and protect the innocent. Or the bankers and business leaders who knew better than what they were actually doing in regard to proper business ethics. The truth…. Hurts! Sometimes it needs to do just that…. And we all need to protect the messenger.

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is an activist leader and free lance columnist. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 200 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at, New Jersey activist Ed Dunphy’s or at his own blog at Philip can be reached at

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  6. Phillip , thanks for the article . last week i really went thru the ringer with being attacked as the messenger on my article on the hypocrisy on John Lennon . what you wrote is very encouraging here.

    as someone who was also raised a catholic , and a remains a practicing one , a really grieve over this pedophilia problem . what can one say ?

    St. Augustine did point out however to the Donatist who said that if a priest is in sin that the sacraments are ineffectual , that the sacraments are never ineffectual if ones heart is in the right place when taking them . i keep reminding myself of that when i take the blessed Eucharist.

  7. thanks so much to kathleen and to lorri and dandelion salad for continuing to post the… TRUTH!
    my wish for the new year is that ALL the good folks out there begin to speak out… on the street corners and town squares of their towns… for TRUTH, Justice and the American way! got that Superman?

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