Contact Your Representative RIGHT NOW on the Tax Breaks for the Wealthiest 1% By Steve Windisch

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy)
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December 14, 2010

Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Senator Bernie Sanders’ marathon speech of December 10th was a Historic Event in America. It defined, and accurately detailed, the vast problems we face as a nation. It exposed “The Open secret”: That America has failed. That we are going backwards. That poverty is growing at alarming rates. That the Middle Class, what once made America the greatest economic powerhouse in the history of the planet… is now in obvious decline and in danger of destruction. That America is decaying, rotting, dying… starving and freezing… in front of our eyes… in our lifetimes. During our watch.

Senator Sanders did something quite amazing, something not seen in over 100 years on the floor of the Senate since Teddy Roosevelt’s day (or perhaps even before): He spoke Truths… all the truths, he exposed the façade. Among many other things, Senator Bernie called the “banksters” of Wall Street, those behind the current Depression this nation is experiencing: “Crooks” and criminals. He openly stated, on national television… that these people are too powerful to be Prosecuted for their crimes.


Any person that says that on the floor of the Senate deserves our support, no?

It deserves, at least…. a Letter, Email, FAX, or Call to our Representative, no?

What this was really mainly about (in the author’s opinion), was not just the blatantly corrupt tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% of America…. It is about the wrong path this country has taken for the last several decades. It was about the destruction of our manufacturing sector, the great and alarmingly growing changes in the Distribution of Wealth, about the growth of Poverty in America. It is about the total ignoring of our crumbling infrastructure, of the “mysteriously disappearing” green energy / Solar Initiatives so oil and coal remain “King” in perpetuity, of the critical protections needed for Social Security to survive and be solvent…. In short, the ignoring and working against of virtually “anything” that does not directly benefit the “oligarchy”, who’s endless piles of money buys nearly every election to Federal office… who’s THIRTEEN THOUSAND registered Lobbyists swarm the halls of government like a pestilence.

But what the Filibuster / Marathon Speech was most of all, was a call for Grass Roots action by the American people. Senator Sanders repeatedly called for us to contact our Representatives in the House and Senate, to let them know we are SICK OF IT. That we support a Republic based on The Rule of Law…. And we will not tolerate these perversions that transform this to “The Rule of the Lawless”… That we want the situation to change: No more blatant corruption, no more totally ignoring the Will of the People. We want more honest government, not increasingly less. We want our representatives to Serve The People not the special interests that pay for the lobbyists and campaigns. And that we, the citizens who vote; are watching. We still “exist”. We still have some power. We are not all “asleep”, we are not all apathetic, and we are damned mad about this latest blatant and disgusting travesty, that is illustrated by the current tax bill; the “perfect” framing issue for what has, and is happening to our Nation, and all our futures.

We can agree or disagree with Senator Sanders on some social issues. We can decline to fully embrace his Progressive stances on many things. But, all of us who care about a better America, should support him now in this. We owe him that; he has Spoken Truth on the floor of the Senate… something many of us would have believed could not be done. On December 10th. 2010, Truth was spoken. And perhaps the greatest and most important message of all from Senator Sanders is this: It is now up to us. Up to the American people, to let our representatives know. We must ALL do this. It is critically important. A victory here, on this “small” issue of tax breaks for billionaires, can have very long lasting benefits for America; it can be the turning point, the historic “Stalingrad”, the “End of The Beginning”… that leads us to greater victories.

The time to act is NOW. Please write, call, fax, email.. Contact your Senators and Congresspeople, no matter what Party affiliation, and let them know you support Truth. Let them know, that we know things are not “right”. Let them know that the time to change our path is now… that the current path is proved WRONG for the nation and our future. Let them know that what they do here, is noticed by the People. That what they do defines them. When a nation has more hungry children than any other developed county, when it has the worst Distribution Of Wealth of any other, when it has lost over 80% of its manufacturing (when you count the Garment and Textile Industries, which almost no one ever does), when it has the worst unemployment since the Great Depression, when it is sinking farther into debt so incredibly huge that the Human mind cannot comprehend the numbers, when all we have to look forward to is more chaos in the financial sectors, when those that caused the current financial disasters actually profited from it and are now larger and more powerful than ever before by buying the remnants of their failed former competitors at absurdly low prices…. We can all see this is clearly not sustainable. It cannot go on. It must change. Even those who lobby for special interests, those who now ANONYMOUSLY pump millions into campaigns (a surprising Revelation… the campaign laws about “publishing names” in place for many decades has changed; and the media somehow “forgot” to mention it), must understand at heart the absurdity of what is going on. The current path can only mean utter destruction for all in the end. The time for our Congresspeople and Senators to honesty and openly look at these issues is long past due, and the time for bare facades and lies are over now. Senator Sanders has courageously broken the blockade on Truth for us all; and now it can come out, now it can be spoken openly and without fear. Now the truth can be faced, and real work towards stopping the destruction can be done.

Please, contact your elected officials and let them know you support Sen. Sanders’ points made during the Filibuster. They are quite aware of them; it was an explosive and “dangerous” event for Washington; even if it was mostly suppressed by the corporate-owned mainstream media. Let them know, we are “here”, we are “watching”, and that corruption and decay, that blatant lies, and the pretense of “normalcy” in the face of disaster… the childish and absurd ignoring of deeply pressing issues… will no longer be tolerated.

Because, we have seen what “government” can be; what a real Representative of the People is capable of, and sounds like: And in comparison…. well… they will get the picture.

In short, Let them know, that you support the speaking of Truth.


Below is a possible Sample Letter, perhaps to use simply as a starting point. In the end, it is not so important what is said, as long as the general issues are covered, and that you speak out.

Dear Congressperson / Senator,

The recent marathon speech of Senator Bernie Sanders on the floor of the Senate, is something I am sure you are aware of.

This letter is to inform you that I, like millions of others across this country, support Senator Sanders’ statements and call for action. We, the middle class people of this nation, are tired of the very wrong and dangerous path that our country has followed for years now. When we see poverty growing at alarming rates, when we see the middle class being literally destroyed, when we see our manufacturing base utterly gutted, when we see the most wealthy and powerful of this nation continue a never-ending battle towards ever-increasing selfish gain at the expense of everyone else in the country….

The time to stop it all is now. Senator Sanders spoke more truth in that filibuster, than has been stated in 100 years in Congress. The fact that the Wall Street criminals are actually flourishing now, since the Bail Out, yet their actions caused our Economic Depression, cannot be ignored or tolerated. The Senator called them criminals, whose power stops them from being prosecuted. This is something “everyone” knew, but it took an Independent who does not rely on, nor is interested in corporate and special interest campaign largess, to state it openly.

We, the People, will not tolerate the destruction of the Rule of Law in this nation. We will not tolerate being “Ruled By The Lawless” instead. The America we believe in is a Republic of Laws, not an oligarchy of the few… not a wholly-owned subsidiary of “B.P.” (another criminal organization that clearly is “too powerful to be prosecuted”), “Exxon Mobile”, “G.E.”, and the “banksters” of Wall Street. The time to change course is now… before it is too late for us all. The present course has been PROVED to be a disastrous failure; over and over. There is no shame in admitting that a change is needed, the only shame is in ignoring the realization.

Please, Congressperson, vote against any tax breaks for the wealthiest one percent of Americans. When we have the largest percentage of HUNGRY CHILDREN of any developed nation, such acts are simply disgusting, and frankly they cannot be justified by political “spin”. In the end, our acts stand out for all to see… And the incredible part of Senator Sanders speech is this: He has pointed them out for the American people to see… and by inference, compare their own Congressional representation against.

Things are going to change; this current paradigm that appears to embrace corruption openly and blatantly will end. And it would be wise to consider, that perhaps doing what is RIGHT is better than doing what is politically expedient in the short term. I think you are a good person at heart who wants to do good: And that many things you see in our nation and government must bother you. The time to change course is now; there is a sea change coming.

PLEASE support legislation that attempts to stop the life threatening hemorrhaging of our manufacturing sector overseas. Please support legislation that stops the crooked banksters from having the power to destroy our economy at will, and actually profit from it. Please support laws and initiatives for Alternative Energy, the Solar Initiative, which despite BOTH major parties being “for” in the last Presidential election, mysteriously disappeared from the scene immediately after the election. Please support legislation that stops corporations like “Exxon Mobile” and “G.E.” from not paying ANY FEDERAL TAXES on multiple billions in profit; that is NOT “Free market Capitalism”, it is simply criminal no matter how it is “spun”. Please take note that the American People NOTICE these things. Please support STRONG laws and statutes regarding the Federal Reserve and transparency in the financial sector. And please support legislation that helps the Middle Class both re-build, and sustain their shrinking existence… that increases our manufacturing base, not diminishes it.  Without a strong Middle Class, this country could have NEVER been the most amazing economic powerhouse in History. And without it now, there is no way we can prosper or grow: Only continue to decay.

We do not want a WORSE world for our Grandchildren, do we? This is the path we are now foolishly on. It must change.

What has happened, what led us astray? As you know it is highly complex situation. But now, this question is more than partisan politics; this is about PEOPLE. The people you are Sworn to serve. Please serve THEM, not the wealthy and corporations who foot the bills for lobbyists and campaigns. Their way is wrong for the nation as a whole: We can see the result. And it can no longer be ignored.

Best Regards,

Your Name

Your City and State  [ important so they know you are a Constituent ]


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7 thoughts on “Contact Your Representative RIGHT NOW on the Tax Breaks for the Wealthiest 1% By Steve Windisch

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  3. This is a disgusting chapter in our country’s history. We can come away with the feeling “its over” and its hopeless”.

    Well, at least Senator Bernie shows us that there is at something that does not deserve contempt.

    SOME actions are hopeless: Like going on supporting these crooks when we know what they do, when we realize they DO NOT SERVE US THE PEOPLE they serve their masters in the corporate oligarchy. NOTHING else they have done so far, proves this. like the event we just witnessed. And frankly, it smells SO bad, is SO corrupt, that they cannot “spin” it.

    But, now emboldened by getting away with what would be RIDICULOUS to think of only a few years ago… the total lies, the unreasonable ignoring of facts, will get much worse yet.

    So we can keep on contacting these people in Washington only to remind them, that they are being watched at least by someone. At least if only by a small group who are not buying their crap. A group who wants what IS RIGHT for all Americans, not just the money-bags, not just the trans-nat corps whose CRIMINALITY only gets worse and worse. We what we were brought up to believe America is, not what sociopaths want it to be to benefit only themselves.

    We need to keep reminding these LIARS that we have NOT forgotten they promised us a green energy initiative; then reneged on it the day after the election. We need to remind them, that we KNOW the “financial crisis” that has BENEFITED THE PEOPLE WHO CRASHED OUR ECONOMY, had better be investigated, and the CRIMINALS who have caused misery for millions and who are now RICHER THAN EVER, be put in JAIL.

    And we can use this as an opportunity to remind our friends, that the corporate Democratic Party is NO FRIEND OF OURS any more. That if we want REASON and TRUTH in government, that following them is not the way to go… they have proved that beyond doubt.

  4. So what’s the job of OUR “law makers” anyway? Has it really come down to the flattering of their own vanity and their greedy worship of “millionaires and billionaires” at the expense of an entire country, numbering 312million+, teetering on the brink of needless poverty? What kind of public service is that? They aren’t doing the public a service. They’ve become worthless leeches that need to be fired and charged with treason.

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