On Wikileaks Strategy: Too Many Hors D’oeuvres? by Sibel Edmonds

by Sibel Edmonds
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Originally published by Boiling Frogs Post
14 December, 2010

Decreased Appetite & Increased Termination Risk before the Main Course

As I have said before I am not ready to analyze or talk about Wikileaks’ recent exposé. It’s still too early, and so far too little with too insignificant implications has been released. I am still waiting for the highly revealing, explosive, and or severely implicating cables; if any. What I want to do, however, is to briefly discuss Wikileaks’ strategy in releasing the documents, so far, and to get your two cents on it. In fact, I want to briefly discuss the exact reason why I haven’t even begun delving into this so far released material. My major concerns and questions regarding Wikileaks’ strategy are as follows:

Based on the well-established and well-known mainstream media attention curve, isn’t it self-defeating and damaging to begin the cables release with a jumble of highly inconsequential and insignificant documents with little or no implications? Why not use the peak media attention period for the most significant and highly explosive information with even greater implications? Isn’t this like serving too many so-so appetizers before the main course of high gastronomical value, and waste the best part on full and bloated diners?

From a risk management perspective, isn’t it way too risky to start the dissemination with unimportant and insignificant material, and provide the enemies (governments) with ample opportunity to strike back, interfere, block, and or destroy the ‘real’ prized material of great consequence? Why not start the release with the most explosive and highly incriminating documents as one major way of reducing the risk of potential interruption and or destruction?

Granted there’s so much I don’t know. There may be a method to this madness. They may have a very clever strategy obscured from my angle of view. The purpose may be other than what has met the eye thus far. As you can see there still exist way too many unanswered questions, mind-boggling methodologies, and head-scratching strategies, for me to open my humble mouth to issue a personal statement or a verdict. I go on impatiently waiting. How about you?


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Wikileaks, Imperialism and the Western Media by Sean Fenley

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14 thoughts on “On Wikileaks Strategy: Too Many Hors D’oeuvres? by Sibel Edmonds

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  2. There is just so much useless junk I have seen or heard..so why not release the stuff of import before it becomes another wealthy celebrity cause?

    • KDelphi,
      This is why it’s so important to establish their authenticity, at least the ones that count. They could be buried in with a mass of real stuff but crap.

      I dunno, there’s something fishy about the whole thing.

  3. Sibel,
    The first thing to establish is whether or not, some or even all (which I doubt) are fakes because if there are fakes slipped in with the real stuff then it’s obviously a clear indication of some kind of USG involvement in their release in the first place. And what of Bradley Manning? If it is a govt setup then Manning was setup as well.

    See http://tbrnews.org/wordpress/?p=284#more-284

    For an example of what might be a fake cable.


      • I’m not saying it is or it isn’t but a colleague of mine and whose judgment I trust said the following specifically about the Hariri cable:

        Hard to put a finger on it; it’s a general feeling. First, the language is too detailed/explicit, much more than in real wikileaks stuff I have seen. The style is a bit didactic, like someone trying to inform a lay reader, rather than reporting in diplomatic/bureaucratic channel.

        Second, if this stuff were genuine, it would constitute a definitive smoking gun evidence to tie up the Hariri assassination case. If so, it would be a mega-sensation and at least some major media, eg Al Jazeera, would be running it. So far – zilch, AFAIK.

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  8. Yes. I believe you are right Sibel. I have been thinking that by the time the big suff is revealed people will either be too full of the empty calories consumed at the Christmas party so to speak that they will too full to eat the main course. Either that or we will be so overwhelmed by the volume of news coming from so many sources including opinions from pundits and conspiricy theorists that we will be in news or information shock . At that time we might have a hard time figuring out what is true and what is not. In my opinion WikiLeaks or the new whistleblower site should just get on with it and blow away.

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