Obama’s continued disrespect for the rule of law by Mark A. Goldman

by Mark A. Goldman
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
Dec. 17, 2010

Free Bradley Manning Rally

Image by mar is sea Y via Flickr

Bradley Manning, the alleged Whistle Blower accused of releasing classified documents to Wikileaks, is reportedly being mistreated as he awaits trial. [see video below]

President Obama and Congress continue to disappoint as they fail to uphold the letter and spirit of the law. Bradley Manning is being punished for a crime of which he has yet to be found guilty.

If Obama were not a lawyer and a former professor of Constitutional law, it would be sad enough, but given that he was both, the stench of his administration’s disrespect for the law ought to permeate every patriot’s sensibilities.

Our elected officials continue to demonstrate that the rule of law is no longer the law of the land in these United States of America. The president follows in the footsteps of his predecessor. This is not America’s finest hour.

Manning is kept in solitary confinement, and has already been there seven months. He is reportedly being continuously monitored to make sure that he is never allowed to exercise his own body in his small cell. He is being forced to take psychotropic drugs. These actions amount to physical and mental abuse. This form of torture is being inflicted to weaken his mind and body; to inhibit him from being able to think or feel well enough to prepare his own defense for the day when he finally gets his day in court. Presumed guilty, he is being punished prior to his trial. This is retribution not justice… born out of the guilt, embarrassment, anger and fear of would be emperors who we now see wearing no clothes.

No government, and particularly no American government, has the right to treat any person this way, especially if the charges against him are true, for a whistleblower who bravely keeps his oath of office — attempting to preserve and protect the US Constitution — something his Commander-in-Chief, members of congress, and the military no longer do, is more hero than criminal. The oath he took was to defend the Constitution, not to help presidents and others cover up their ongoing lies and unconscionable offenses.


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6 thoughts on “Obama’s continued disrespect for the rule of law by Mark A. Goldman

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  4. When I first learned of this, I immediately wanted to personally intervene on Manning’s behalf, for how he is being treated goes against anything humane no matter what “the law” reads!

    But…I can’t just fly off to a new geography and single-handedly confront. What I wrestle myself to see is that each one of us must choose accessible battles–very, very personally take stands in our own shoes right where out feet are planted.

    It would seem a dye HAS been cast, one that APPEARS to have all the necessary resources available for itself…which is, to my way of being, a delusion raiders & bullies of any kind always believe. NOBODY–allied or otherwise–has pure and total power over everything and everyone else!

    Young–very young–Bradley Manning is being “socially adjusted” for his idealistic, altruistic nature. I keep company with him by empathy, all the while letting as many people as I see know of his treatment.

    Here we are in a season based on Christianity ..seeing a sacrifice of yet another lamb. I wish many who call themselves Christians could at least turn the page to the New Testament!

    • annie –it is not that Christians dont read the new testament . they just dont take what Christ said seriously . herein lies the problem .

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