Cindy Sheehan: The BP Plague Continues!

by Cindy Sheehan
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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
December 19, 2010

This Sunday (December 19th) Cindy welcomes FOUR guests (count them!) in this year-ending blowout, all discussing the ever-spreading BP Plague, still destroying our Gulf Coast.  First up is Karen Meyer Hopkins.  She is Treasurer of Gulf Change, an environmental group from within the Gulf Seafood Industry. Next is Mac McKensie, founder of NOLA Emergency Response (, who purchased 3 lbs. of Gulf Shrimp and had their digestive tracts tested for contaminants. She found 193 PPM of organic matter and hydrocarbons and then corroborated that by other tests.  She therefore warns us that the seafood sill isn’t safe to eat.  She’s followed by Trisha Springstead, RN – a Medical Research Professional with a web site at She discusses the effects and biochemical results of all this ignored oil and dispersant brew.  She proceeds onwards from there.  Cindy completes the power play with Medical Professional, activist and organizer – Anita Stewart also delves into the real-world consequences of this un-acknowledged disaster.


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