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The new film is a powerful and timely investigation into the media’s role in war, tracing the history of ’embedded’ and independent reporting from the carnage of World War One to the destruction of Hiroshima, and from the invasion of Vietnam to the current war in Afghanistan and disaster in Iraq. As weapons and propaganda become even more sophisticated, the nature of war is developing into an ‘electronic battlefield’ in which journalists play a key role, and civilians are the victims. But who is the real enemy?

John Pilger says in the film: “We journalists… have to be brave enough to defy those who seek our collusion in selling their latest bloody adventure in someone else’s country… That means always challenging the official story, however patriotic that story may appear, however seductive and insidious it is. For propaganda relies on us in the media to aim its deceptions not at a far away country but at you at home… In this age of endless imperial war, the lives of countless men, women and children depend on the truth or their blood is on us… Those whose job it is to keep the record straight ought to be the voice of people, not power.”


Updated: June 14, 2011

The War You Don’t See now available online worldwide following US ban

by John Pilger
14 June, 2011

John Pilger’s new film ‘The War You Don’t See’ is released online for the first time. On 7 June 2011, the Lannan Foundation in the United States banned the film and cancelled a US visit by John Pilger without explanation. You can watch the film online (worldwide excluding Australia) for $4.99.

‘The War You Don’t See’ premiered at the Barbican in London on Tuesday 7 December 2010 and on British television on Tuesday 14 December 2010. It is also available to buy on DVD in the UK and in Australia.

John Pilger will be speaking about ‘The War You Don’t See’ on 10 July at Duke of York’s Picturehouse, Brighton.




The War You Don’t See (2010) (Sub español) HD

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John Pilger – Conversation with Julian Assange [2011]

John Pilger

An extended interview with Julian Assange recorded during filming of John Pilger’s latest film ‘The War You Don’t See’

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