Terrorist by Association by Jeremy Gantz


By Jeremy Gantz
In These Times
December 13, 2010

September 24 began like any other Friday for Joe Iosbaker and Stephanie Weiner. Then, at 7 a.m., FBI agents knocked on the door of the Chicago couple’s house in the city’s North Side.

Armed with a search warrant, more than 20 agents examined the couple’s home, photographing every room and combing through notebooks, family videos and books, even their children’s drawings. Some items were connected to their decades of anti-war and international solidarity activism, but others were not. “Folders were opened, letters were pulled out of envelopes,” says Weiner, an adult education professor at Wilbur Wright College. “They had rubber gloves and they went through every aspect of our home.” (See video interview with Weiner and Iosbaker below.)

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Subpoenaed Activists Speak Out From Raided Home

on Apr 29, 2011


Updated May 10, 2012

on Oct 1, 2010

The FBI conducted raids in Minneapolis and Chicago on Sept. 24, targeting those suspected to be providing “material support” to international terrorist groups. Outside the Chicago FBI headquarters, 2111 W. Roosevelt Road, approximately 200 people protested the searches and the subpoenas on Sept. 27. Joe Iosbaker, an activist in Chicago and chief steward for Local 73 of the Service Employees International Union, was one of the subpoenaed. His wife, Stephanie Weiner, spoke out at the rally. A press conference was held before hand addressing the couple’s thoughts of the raid at their home.

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  9. Some sort of legislatiion needs to be passed so that people violated such as the people here, can sue the government, expose it, bring it to look, collect damages, and put a stop to this illegal behavior. Any lawyer should be able to make the argument, that any federal law is meaningless, because the government itself does not adhere to the law!

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