From Snowstorms to Heat Waves, How Global Warming Causes Extreme Weather and Climate Instability

Dublin - The Big Snow Continues

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Michael Hudson: Put Main Street before Wall Street and the Pentagon

RTAmerica | December 28, 2010

America spends as much as every other country combined on their defense, yet the American people continue to suffer without jobs and hope. With Wall Street receiving record bonuses, what can be done? Professor and Economist Michael Hudson says the press and the media are not telling people that there is another alternative, put main street before Wall Street, it seems simple enough.

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Turkish daily: Bunker to shelter Turkey’s top brass in the event of a nuclear war

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compiled by Cem Ertür
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Dandelion Salad
28 December 2010

Hürriyet, 26 December 2010

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Journalism of Appeasement. Corruption, Smoke and Mirrors by David DeGraw

by David DeGraw, December 27, 2010

Here’s a brief summation of my recent reporting:

If we continue to let our politicians and wealthy members of society live in comfort, free from the consequences of their actions, we are complicit in our own demise.

Our country is so overrun with corruption, we cannot remain passive and expect things to get any better.

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December 27, 2008: Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s brutal offensive against the Gaza Strip

by Julie Webb-Pullman
Global Research, December 25, 2010

Today, December 27, marks the second anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s brutal offensive against the Gaza Strip. In 22 days of relentless air and land attacks, more than 1400 Gazans, mostly civilians, were killed in what the United Nations ‘Goldstone Report’ described as war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Two years later, the perpetrator – Israel – remains unpunished. Two years later, Gaza remains  in ruins, largely due to the reluctance of the international community to stand up to the bully, and deliver the materials necessary for Gaza’s reconstruction.

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