An American Suicide Terrorist by William John Cox

by William John Cox
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Dandelion Salad
January 12, 2011

The shooter of Congresswoman Giffords acted as a domestic suicide terrorist on the political “battleground” of American politics. His YouTube postings and “goodbye” phone messages are ominously reminiscent of the traditional farewell videos of Islamist martyrs.

The deadly combination of suicide terrorists’ mental instability, their political and religious indoctrination, and readily available bomb materials and firearms explode in violence almost every day somewhere in the Middle-East.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Jared Loughner, a young schizophrenic American, whose untreated illness is exacerbated by inflamed political rhetoric, easily buys a legally concealed combat handgun and shoots the “target” of the political “speech” under conditions where there is no escape.

As we evaluate the cause and effects of the Tucson murders, assign responsibility and seek solutions, we must continue to uphold the freedom of speech while taking reasonable steps to avoid violent consequences.

Political speech has always been inflammatory in the United States, but perhaps due to the increasing militarization of the nation, politicians and commentators have come to routinely talk about “hunting” and “targeting” political opponents, and stupidly say things like: “never retreat – reload.” It is disingenuous to assert such language does not incite violence, and it is naive to believe it is harmless.

As best we can, given the Second Amendment as currently interpreted by the Supreme Court, we must do everything we can to legally ensure that mentally disturbed people, including those under the influence of highly-charged political speech, cannot purchase, possess, and carry concealed firearms, particularly those with combat capabilities.

It is highly unlikely the narrowly-defined defense of insanity will excuse Loughner from the legal consequences of his acts, nor is it likely that those who recklessly painted a gunsight crosshair on his intended victim will be held legally responsible under a theory of negligence. However, all of us must remember, as Congresswoman Gifford herself said when informed that she had been targeted on Sarah Palin’s website, “words have consequences.”

While politicians, on both the right and left, may not be liable in a court of law for the consequences of their inflammatory words, voters must carefully consider such speech when evaluating the character and reliability of those who seek to influence their vote. Accountability can be assessed in the polling booth, as well as in the courtroom.

William John Cox is a retired prosecutor and public interest lawyer, author and political activist. His efforts to promote a peaceful political evolution can be found at, his writings are collected at and he can be contacted at


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4 thoughts on “An American Suicide Terrorist by William John Cox

  1. The article suggests that mental illness should not be a viewed as a defense and yet implies it should be grounds to deny a person their rights under the Constitution. Who do you people propose shall be the arbiter of your desired fire arm restrictions and what will be the criteria upon which they base their decisions? I expect over half of our legislators may be on mind altering medication. Shall we deny them their right to a defense? You gun banners have no clue about law or the intent of the framers of the supreme law. You jump on any opportunity to cry for unconstitutional restriction like flies on horsecrap.

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  3. The US has promoted violence internationally for many decades now and in the rhetoric by politicians, including Obama and Clinton. This administration appears to want to continue Bush era violence. It is bound to return to the US as a spill over into domestic life much as Orwell has imagined in 1984. Continual war leads ultimately to war against the american people. Nothing much has or will change.

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