Ralph Nader: Ron Paul & Bernie Sanders Have Teamed Up To Go After The Military Budget and the Federal Reserve

Ralph Nader after the speech - Green Lecture

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Dandelion Salad

on Jan 14, 2011

Ralph Nader: ‘Ron Paul Bernie Sanders Have Teamed Up To Go After The Military Budget’ 1/12/11 FBN


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16 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Ron Paul & Bernie Sanders Have Teamed Up To Go After The Military Budget and the Federal Reserve

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  5. We need to get the Democrats and Republicans out of power – they’ve been turned into puppets of the corporate-military-industrial complex. There was a Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and an Orange Revolution in Ukraine and a Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia – time for Americans to take back their country and restore their Constitution. This will require progressives, conservatives and libertarians to put aside their differences for the time being work together in one “Save our Constitution” party. No more wars without Congressional approval! No more secret government! No more lies! No more Wall Street bailouts! No more assassinations (this includes JFK, RFK, and King)! No more police state!

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  14. I have been waiting for some of the great progressive thinkers to join forces. Bernie Sanders was my hero during the health care debate. Of course, Ralph Nader has always been my hero.

    This news is like a snowflake on my fevered brow, fresh air and hope.

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