Cindy Sheehan: George Carlin, Roe versus Wade and Gitmo

by Cindy Sheehan
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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
January 16, 2011


This Sunday (January 16th), Cindy presents admirably scurrulous election satire by no less than George Carlin, and then “celebrates” two anniversaries, one famous and most healthy for our nation – but oh so hated today by the “religious right” (which is really neither) – Roe versus Wade – and the other, a truly sickening anniversary, that of the opening of Guantanamo Bay Prison, on Jan 11th, 2002Roe versus Wade is commemorated by Somer Loen, a long-time activist for the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights, or BACORR.  The disgusting opening of Guantanamo Bay Prison by Matthew Daloisio of Witness Against Torture, another long standing activist against our modern Imperial “Death State” (as so eloquently designated by one of our webmaster’s heroes, Arthur Silber).  Cindy and Matt have an illuminating discussion about Guantanamo and its meaning for America’s future.  A future which we all hope will be far brighter than today’s sad state of affairs.

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  1. Being absolutely anti-war, I am also absolutely pro-life on abortion. Abortion is violence against the unborn. If it is inconsistent to only oppose wars waged by Republicans it is also inconsistent to oppose the violence of war but not the violence of abortion.

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