Chris Hedges: US wars to continue until its economy busts

with Chris Hedges
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January 20, 2011

American wars will continue until the country’s giant corporations, which pay the politicians in Washington’s corridors of power, become financially unsustainable, says senior fellow at the Nation Institute, Chris Hedges.

Hedges told Press TV’s U.S. Desk in a Wednesday interview that the economy will fail “because we’re paying for it through debt, through borrowing.”


He said that U.S. President Barack Obama spoke tactically during his presidential campaign “when he said he would withdraw the combat troops from Iraq.”

“Even during the campaign if you look at the fine print, Obama wasn’t promising” what many expected, he noted.

“There was an acknowledgment that occupation troops would remain in Iraq for many, many years,” Hedges concluded.


via PressTV – ‘US wars to continue until its economy busts’


US wars to continue until its economy busts


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