Exclusive: The long history of feminists against abortion by Rocket Kirchner

by Rocket Kirchner
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January 23, 2011

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When seriously studying in depth any movement, it is imperative to go back to how and where it got started. Historical feminism began with Mary Wollstonecraft’s The vindication of the rights of Woman in 1792. From that point until the 1960’s, all of the rough and tumble feminists were vehemently outspoken against abortion. When Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique (2nd edition), there began a shift away from real feminism, and the real got distorted and derailed in this area. Today’s feminists who are pro-choice have clearly betrayed the historical Matriarchy. And very few know anything about this, because it has become a taboo subject.

Wollstonecraft out and out condemned those who would destroy the embryo in the womb. Susan B. Anthony in her work, The Revolution, calls it, “child murder, infanticide, and foeticide”. Elizabeth Cady Stanton even hits harder by pointing out in no uncertain terms that just as women have been treated as property by men to be disposed of as they see fit, women should never follow their example by disposing of the unborn as they see fit. The whole disposal mentality is according to Stanton a Patriarchal oppressive state of mind. Anarchist Emma Goldman viewed abortion as disgusting and degrading and as she stated so emphatically, “it is reaching appalling proportions in America beyond belief”. And the first woman to run for President Victoria Woodhull in 1870 had on her platform fetal rights.

The reader must understand something here: These were dead serious revolutionary women.They were committed daring progressives, unlike the ones we see today. They were not out for career or comfort, nor were they barbie doll cheerleader pro-lifers. They also were not religious nuts nor conservatives. And all of them (and the list is much longer) without exception, equated fetal liberation with women’s liberation. These were the women that laid their lives down in front of cars to get the right to vote for all women. These were the ones who went to jail. They fought long and hard for equal rights. And the tradition continues on today with groups like FFL (Feminists for Life). Despite the blacklist of today’s 21st century feminists against abortion, FFL has carried on the 200 year old tradition of the Matriarchy in all regards and also reminding as many people as possible that abortion is also a racial issue. It is a statistical fact that racist groups give to pro-choice groups to decrease the population of minorities.

In conclusion: For women to be pro-abortion/pro-choice is caving into a male dominant society. It’s the boyfriend’s quick pay off easy way out. The father’s ultimatum. The husband’s demands. The teenagers peer pressure nightmare. It is Hugh Hefner’s usage of the female body reduced to mere plumbing… and all for pleasure. And all the sick and twisted playboys that say condescendingly to the women that they got pregnant, “Get rid of it, honey. After all, it’s legal, and you’re a free spirited gal.” It’s red herring politics for votes. It is taking the shiny one-dollar bill coin with the noble face of Susan B. Anthony and crushing it underfoot with an iron high heel and all of the helpless unborn that she and the Matriarchy fought for. The fact of that matter is this: The real feminists have always been against abortion from the very beginning.

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25 thoughts on “Exclusive: The long history of feminists against abortion by Rocket Kirchner

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  3. This is very interesting. I never heard about this history before. I wonder why? Another question that comes to mind is why the early feminists were against abortion, other than the reason you cited. Usually, we are motivated by more than one consideration (but not always). I don’t know the answer, but it may be that they were generally more interested in the welfare of society than the current lot. The current lot is part of the “Me” generation. The predominate question is what is best for me. One answer is sexual liberation (actually, its not, but most people think it is what is best for them). If that is correct then sexual freedom trumps other lives, including the lives of the unborn. But if the early feminists were more interested in the genuine welfare of the community then life trumps other desires. Political involvement and a voice in what happens would also be for the welfare of society because women have so many good things to say and have a perspective devoid of testosterone.

    • good questions craig . from my studies of the early Suffragettes feminists is that there were a lot of reasons for their being against abortion . the main reason is that they viewed fetal rights along with feminine rights . they did not split the 2 up . as a matter of fact , they saw it in the light of male oppression as being one and the same .

      how this relates to the whole of society is that they viewed the woman as the matrix in and out of families . and that matrix would be cheapened if it oppressed its unborn or born children . and therefore effect the whole .

      what is really interesting about this is that knew the cost of this stand . they knew it could be a death sentence and they were willing to take it . and some died in child birth because of it . this is the last thing a feminist these days that is for abortion wants to face up to. even if you got them to the table to discuss it , they always fall back on ”what about the life of the mother?” as if to lay guilt on those who are for fetal rights . that is why they and their oppressive male counterparts use rhetoric like this and hide the history of the revolutionary feminists of old . that is why most people never ever ever hear this history . and that is why i wrote this piece.

  4. Thanks again, Lo. That’s what I thought (source for “racism” argument).

    I strongly disagree, but that’s probably not any surprise. I am in the Cynthia Tucker camp on this subject (‘Is abortion a racist plot? Of course not’), but I do want to add that I am not pro abortion just because politically I am “pro choice”. I am for reproductive freedom, I advocate using birth control unless a human being is considering having a child, and I think in the year 2011, with the myriad of birth control options available, it’s appalling that more women do not have access to them. I am not a fan of the so-called, “Feminists For Life”, mainly because they do not take a stand on birth control. I find that odd, and it contradicts my college education and my feminist upbringing. Good news though, abortions in this country have been steadily declining for the last 20 years. I do not know a single soul that is “pro abortion”, and if people are genuinely interested in getting the abortion numbers even smaller, then I suggest more access to birth control for women and men, especially poor women and men.

    • oopp — i saw the main speaker a few years back from FFL ( feminists for life ) , and they do believe in birth control . they also have been working with various pro-choice groups to reduce pregnancy . i lived in and volunteered for a year in a FFL woman’s shelter and saw things first hand . and how these male animals treated woman and children . but once they got into the shelter they were safe.

      when the main speaker for FFL spoke here at the university of Mo. the first thing she said was ”if you dont know who susan B. Anthony is then leave right now , and read ”the Revolution ” , and what you are not hearing in school about her stance against abortion .

      today’s feminist choice oriented will quote the Matriarchy , except on abortion . that is blacklisting , silencing . a cover up .

  5. “It is a statistical fact that racist groups give to pro-choice groups to decrease the population of minorities.”

    If it is a statistical fact, then I would like you to source those statistics.

      • No, he didn’t provide a source. [edited]

        that source is a one-god-and-he-is-Jesus source by their own “about” page. This is a shoddy article that suffers from a lack of any real scholarship and uses an echo chamber as works cited.

        I am ashamed that Dandelion Salad printed this. [edited]

        that was a few ‘pioneer’ feminists thought in an early wave doesn’t matter a damn thing to me [edited].

        Repeating, there was no reason for this article to have been published or for dandelion salad to have rushed into the comments to vouch for it.

        If I want right wing garbage, I’ll try to find a site offering that. In the meantime, quit publishing stories that do nothing but rely on right wing sources that are all questionable to begin with.

        • “Vanessa”, I moderate the comments and rarely put in my opinion as that is not what this blog is all about. When a commenter asked for a source, I pointed out the one given in the article.

          From the left-hand side of my blog:


          The views and/or opinions posted on all the blog posts and in the comment sections are of the respective authors, not necessarily those of Dandelion Salad.”

        • i am no right winger. these are not right wing sources. they are writings from the very mouth of the great pioneers themselves. have you read them ? have you poured over them for any lenth of time ? or is this just too taboo for you ?

        • sounds like you vanessa are for censorship when it does not agree with you . that is just what today’s feminists have done with the writings of the foundational mothers of modern feminists from Wollenstenecraft till the 1950s.

          one could attend 12 years of school in america , and 4 years of college , and never hear that the early feminist were against abortion .

          even if you disagree, do you welcome their dissent. it sounds like you dont . what is it in their writings and life that actually threatens you ?

  6. Women aren’t at all liberated. We are oppressed. Our children are not treated as our own but instead the property of the man. We need real liberation from this oppression. All women must have sole custody of their own children (absent criminal abuse or neglect by a mother). Every new custody law that is being passed is taking away more and more from mothers. Women demand your natural right to raise your own child.

  7. many pro-choice Feminists think that Roe V Wade is progress. but that is an assumption yet to be proved. first one must de-construct the entire inception and movement of historical Feminism of 170 years . this takes much study . one cannot just ”assume”. or cannot just ”emote”. one must know the work and life of the Matriarchy in order to refute it , or claim that Roe is the natural out come of their struggle .

    the fact is , is that Roe is not the natural outcome of their struggle because every one of them was against abortion , and also made it clear that they would be willing to die in childbirth for it . in fact , Mary Wollstencraft died in childbirth .

    so , it seems that today’s feminism is not built on the convictions of these brave pioneers , but on something else. according to the early suffragettes that something else would be a fake liberation for the sake of submission to a male dominant culture.

  8. First off, let me state that for myself I am emphatically pro-life, however, for the rest of the women, I am pro-choice, it is simply that, their choice. I believe it is wrong and I believe women will have to face judgement in whatever form it may come, but it is our own free will to make this decision and to face all the consequences, including the horrible psychological toll it takes on any woman. Your final paragraph that indicates abortion is a way of caving into a male dominant society is so off base. Most of the young women I know who have had to face this very difficult choice have an abortion because it is what is right for them, not for the father.
    I find it very interesting Rocket that in a previous post you linked to a song that talked about war and poverty – wouldn’t prolife add thousands more to an already overburdened social system? Wouldn’t you be better served to talk about the education of young girls and young men in abstinence and birth control rather than to condemn them for a choice that is their’s and their’s alone to make. If you want to get angry, then get angry over that – take a stand on the ignorance of the world not on an issue that has long been resolved. Roe v. Wade baby – Roe v. Wade.

    • first off , Roe v Wade has not resolved anything . and if you would check the FFL , feminist for life link that i left , you would find that they do a lot of preventative work for young girls so that they dont get pregnant .

      in regards to the quote –sexual revolution , Roe v Wade just did one thing –it made sure that the Patriarchy won ! men would much rather pay for a girls abortion than 18 years of child support.

      pro-choice woman are aiding a sick male dominant society in the name of reproductive rights. and someone needs to tell them what the record of the real historical feminists said about this subject.

      that is why i wrote this article . all i am doing is reporting what they have said . they have written whole books on where they stand . one would think that their views would be relevant , you think ?

      you mentioned war and poverty ; abortion according to the Matriarchy is war. it is war on the unborn and woman in a disposable society . it is also no answer to poverty . none . except that it thins out the minority groups ( check the link abortion and race) , so that the white male culture can remain dominant .

      • one more thing — when dealing with taboo subjects , it is important to just report the facts. we don’t hear much about this kind of history . for example : we all grew up thinking that Columbus was a good guy , until someone explained to us the real history of what he did . historical revisionism cuts both ways .

        but it is important let the facts speak for themselves , without opinion . of course the one bringing the facts sometimes gets attacked.

        there are many taboo subjects: Feminists against abortion , Jews for Jesus , etc .. but all rooted and grounded in the beginning of a movement before it got distorted.

        • It is a stretch to interject “real feminist” into a piece that “report facts”, which your piece did do, then say you are doing so “without opinion”.

        • well , i realize that keeping ones opinion out of anything is impossible . but my goal of this short piece is to cram 25 years of studies in feminism into one article. i stressed the abortion issue because it seems to be DELIBERATELY ignored in our educational system in America.

          when Howard Zinn wrote ”The peoples history of the United States” it was meant to show the real history of our country not the bogus one . well , here you have it –this is a slice of the real history of feminism in america –they were all against abortion .

    • People shouldn’t have the legal right to choose to kill other people. It’s evil and obscene to be “pro-choice”.

  9. Abortion is part of our disposable societies.
    It is much harder to endure than many pro abortion choice people suggest.
    It is a difficult issue for victims of the patriarchy.

    • agreed. it is a very difficult issue, and we don’t hear much civilized discussion on the topic. we don’t get to hear what the specifics are on it from the Matriarchy that opposed it. and it seems that we are paying the price for that in so many areas.

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