Egyptian masses against the U.S.-backed Mubarak regime + The Global Revolution Has Arrived

Next #Egypt protest 1 pm Sat Feb 5 @UN Plaza #...

Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

LeiLani Dowell, Workers World managing editor, speaking at the Workers World Forum Jan. 28, 2011 in New York.


Egyptian masses against the U.S.-backed Mubarak regime


March in Support of Egypt & Tunisia Revolution

TomVeeTV | January 30, 2011

Over a thousand bay area residents march in solidarity with Egypt, Tunisia and the rest of the Arab world.

March in Support of Egypt & Tunisia Revolution (2011)


The Global Revolution Has Arrived

on Jan 30, 2011

“…..once in a generation…we get a chance for freedom…this is our chance..”

“I have for many years lived with the knowledge that we, the masses, the working class, the poor, the white, the black, the brown, the immigrants, the Christians, the Muslims, the atheists, the soldiers/ex-soldiers, the peaceniks, the communists, the anarchists, the students, the people, across the spectrum, we all have a common cause”…. Ken O’Keefe…

The Global Revolution Has Arrived (2011)


LeiLani Dowell: Imperialism at home and abroad: Policy or system of exploitation? + Pete Seeger: Which Side Are You On?

19 thoughts on “Egyptian masses against the U.S.-backed Mubarak regime + The Global Revolution Has Arrived

  1. Natureboy, how do we know the difference between the historical personage of the ancient Greek artist, Phidias vs the Greek myth of Proteus? We know the difference because of the credibility of the Roman historians. We take their word for it because we weren’t there. That is your analogy with the historical Jesus vs the myth of Isis and Osiris. If you wish to take on the Roman historians (Tacitus, Suetonius, and Pliny who all wrote about Jesus as fact) and confuse myth with fact, it is as unintelligent as denying that Phidias was a known artist in ancient Greece. You may not like his art and sculpture preferring the new secular artists of today, but you cannot deny his historical existence.

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  4. Heh…OK, now I’ve watched all 3 video’s. My comment earlier was regarding the 1st one (Ms. Dowell is a terrific speaker, and so bright), but recently I’ve realized I am one of those people who often comment without actually watching the video attached. I’ll try not to do that anymore in future.

    What I am interested in learning more about is how Israel is going to deal with this upheaval. They are clearly “freaking out” right now, and with good reason.

    Jimmy Carter has a pretty accurate take on the current situation in Egypt, in my opinion. I am hoping he is doing everything in his power to urge Mubarak to get out of Egypt. But Mubarak is 82YO (no offense to sound-minded 82YO’s, and I do know a few), and he’s been behaving more and more eccentrically over the years. He needs to GET OUT YESTERDAY.

  5. One can’t discount public outrage, but please, this is a revolt by men. There is not a female to be found in any of the footage. This is not a popular revolt, this is a pretense of the patriarchy.

    Of COURSE the ‘people’ will revolt against dictators, (hullo? how long did they have to wait?). Of COURSE it’s long past enough with US-backed resource-driven strongmen.

    But there’s something severely wrong with Islam (notwithstanding their beautiful mosques, belly dancers & Rumi). Admit it.

    This will only go one way: Islamic insanity.

    No lie can live forever. But likewise, you can’t replace a lie with another lie.

    There will be no liberty here, only more mullahs.
    And more reason for the USA to cease any & all support of dictators & deployments.

    But may they all go down. It’s over, Islam. No more kings, Princes & Sultans. Take them all down.

    However until the USA & its amerigoon expectionalists step down, from Botch to Obomba, WE, the USA, are to blame.

    • Are you talking about specifically these videos? The first one is a talk given by a woman from, the next one is a protest in solidarity with the Egyptian people in San Fransisco, and the third is Ken O’Keefe talking about Palestine, etc.

      See the second video on this post:

      Definitely the majority are men on the streets, but there were women, too.

      Check out this post, too:

        • Pls check the reference & link in real time, she’s an awesome Womon who happens to be arab & has everything to say about everything. Suggest posting the entire episode, its among his best.

          Those who insist on the djewish origin of Jesus should look instead to Isis, the original proponent of the poor. Never was the Rosetta Stone so important to modern times.

          Notwithstanding the journalistic bravery of those willing to report from the revolutionary amerigoon-propagated warzone as it happens, we could all be advised by her political passion, intelligence & humor.

          This is an intensely, gorgeously sharp Arabic mind.

          Take that Arabic misogynistic, monotheistic, abrahamic Islam!

          Indeed I like these videos, yet let’s keep the focus on the great Arab Women without whom no revolution will prevail.

        • Guess you’ll have to start your own blog and post what you wish there.

          Your criticism of Jesus (exactly what did He say that you find so offensive?) is off-topic on this post. I’m guessing you are referring to this one:

          And I’m guessing you didn’t bother to watch the 4-part series before criticizing it.

          Isis is a myth. Jesus is historical fact whether you choose to believe is up to you.

        • I’m merely a lowly commentator & pose no such pretense as to start a blog. Nobody has watched more of the DS 4-part series than moi, I was there years before inception.

          That said, everything in this region (and increasingly DS) is saturated in scripture, from the meddlesome abuses of Israel to the current crusader mentality of Botch’s born-again bombings & the jihadist hostility of islamists.

          Sic rocket on the Isis origins of the cult of the Christ.

          Are you saying that much of scriptures is not myth? Is not the concept of hell myth? The commandments etched in stone? Christmas?? Adam as depicted in the Sistine ceiling?? Jesus’ bearded man in the sky & brimstone below run by some red-faced horned beast in conflict with a vengeful extremist god? The parting of the Red Sea?? How about the current mythology promoted by fundamentalists that the Earth is 6000 years old & that humans rode dinosaurs…

          You have almost no history on Jesus, his followers corrupted the record leaving you with little except faith. It is scripturalists who will believe what they want, evidence be damned.

          At least Isis lasted longer & was etched in stone. At least she represented slaves rather than slave-holders.

          Women were here before Christ and his tradition of Judeo/abrahamic monotheistic patriarchy which subjugated them for centuries. I’d take the myth of Isis any day over the myths of Jesus & Moses & Mohamed.

          My entire post & point contests exactly the foundation of corruption promoted by monotheistic abrahamic absurdity responsible for centuries of pain & abuse.

          Every effort by any ‘revolutionary’ in this region, and by those who support them, must be focused on compelling the process to steer clear of religious mythologies, or the insanity will just be sustained in some new incarnation.

          Now is the time to focus on secular society, not highly incendiary myths of monotheism.

        • If you watched the videos, why not comment on that post?

          Historical Jesus:

          DS is “saturated in Scripture”? Total number of posts on DS: 16,094 Total number of posts with the tag Christianity (which includes non-religious and/or anti-Christian posts): 340. So, 98% of the posts are not on Christianity. Wonder why that bothers you so much? You can choose not to go to posts that offend you so much.

          Exactly what is it about Jesus that you despise? “Love your enemies?” “Feed the poor?” “Forgiveness?”

          Please remember that God is love and some of His followers don’t obey Him.

        • I ‘despise’ nobody, and nobody could despise jesus.

          It was not ‘some’ of his followers, it was the entire construct of force & oppression that his message was morphed into by violent powermongers and masses of bogus believers across centuries.

          If god is love, god would not have vengefully allowed the creation of ‘hell’ . Time to retire the new testament.

          It was and remains the individual choice of the billions of believers who succumbed & subscribed to the mythological constructs created & co-opted by killers purely to manipulate, oppress & control the masses.

          Apparently the peaceful, progressive, constructive, tolerant abrahamic monotheists are the rare exception, hardly the rule. Their scarcity is testament to the principle that religion should be kept to oneself (cue Carlin).

          That said, and back on topic, now would be a really good time for zionist israelis, non-hijab-wearing/non-wig-wearing hasid women, progressives, and normal non-hypnotized people of all stripes to finally flee this incurable cauldron of cruelty.

          Israel has served its purpose as a protectorate of a once-oppressed people. Now leave this barren patch of desert to the obsolete ancient century in which its inhabitants insist on dwelling.

          Find some other source of energy than oil. Let whatever insanity that inherits the miserable ‘holyland’ shut down whatever canals & straits it wants & iron out its own absurd, antisocial issues. It’s their oil, let them control, embargo, nationalize or manipulate it however they choose!

          This after the USA pays reparations for the decades of disaster its meddling has wrought in the region.

          Let the people there evolve, tear down their own oppressive leaders & deconstruct their own destructive myths. Can’t do it for them nor guide the process. We really have other problems with our own manipulative powermongers & myths that need deconstructing.

    • I disagree, natureboy. This is a revolt by the people of Egypt, and there are great numbers of women in the streets. I also disagree with you about Islam. I’ve gotten to know many Muslims in the past few years because of some protests I’ve attended. Most of them left their country’s of origin because of violent religious fundamentalism, but they are still Muslim. There are extremists within all monotheist religions, and my hope for the people of Egypt is that they are able to build a new government that does not rely on religious extremism as a tool to control the population. I wish the same thing for the people of Iran, and elsewhere. Unfortunately for Egypt, large numbers of the population are very poor and illiterate. People with little or nothing to lose are so often drawn to “religious extremism”, which more often than not has very little resemblance to the religion in question. Islam is a religion of peace, as is Christianity and Judaism. That people and Nation States use a religion as a hammer to cause suffering and effect control of a population is certainly an abomination, but it’s not the religion that’s at fault. Heh…some of my best friends are Muslims and Christians and Jews. I know some darn fine Atheists, too. And Buddhists, and Pagans…It’s when the practitioners of a religion want to decide for everyone else what they need to believe when everything all goes to crap.

      That said, yes; I do think Egypt could end up being even more oppressive when the dust clears, and there are certain Muslim groups I will not name here that are absolutely hostile to women. But the events that started a few months ago in Tunisia are sweeping the world. Where it will end, I don’t know, but I always have hope. No one can ever take that away from me.

      BTW, great video, Lo.

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