Solomon, Nader, Cornel West and Chomsky: Building a Powerful Left in the U.S.

Building A Powerful Left in the United States

February 4, 2011

Capitalism Kills Love

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Ralph Nader brings to bear the wisdom of six decades of fighting the good fight as he summarizes strategies and policies he feels can revitalize American society.


Noam Chomsky reminds us that it can be done; though the powerful few aren’t going to make it easy – but with perseverance and organizing there’s a world to win.

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12 thoughts on “Solomon, Nader, Cornel West and Chomsky: Building a Powerful Left in the U.S.

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  9. We’d be better off to see ourselves in the same plight as Egyptians. We need to write a new and better constitution, rewrite the laws, and disband our legislature, and start over with honest fair elections that are monitored by the international community.

  10. By taking a firm stance against 911 truth Solomon did a truly commendable job emasculating the peace movement and helping Bush/Cheney get away with murder. Should be an acceptable Democratic candidate for the establishment.

    • David, hope you’ll listen to the rest of the program, it does get much better with West, Nader and Chomsky. Solomon stills wants to work within the Democratic Party, unfortunately.

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