Chris Hedges: Democracy is on life support in the U.S.

Chris Hedges

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with Chris Hedges
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Dandelion Salad
February 11, 2011

AllanGregg | January 07, 2011

Social critic and author Chris Hedges talks about his latest book “Death of the Liberal Class”, in which he argues that democracy is on life support in the U.S. He blames the liberal elites in media, labour, religious groups and academia, for allowing the unfettered rise of the corporate class.

Allan Gregg – Chris Hedges – Death of the Liberal Class – Full


Chris Hedges criticizes the Obama administration – bonus

AllanGregg | January 06, 2011

Social critic Chris Hedges criticizes the Obama administration and the liberals who do not speak up against him.


Chris Hedges on Death of the Liberal Class

tvochannel | January 04, 2011

Journalist and author Chris Hedges delivers a lecture based on his book Death of the Liberal Class. Hedges argues that there are five pillars of the liberal establishment – the press, liberal religious institutions, labor unions, universities and the Democratic Party – but that these institutions have failed the constituents they purport to represent.


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