Michael Brown vs Rabbi David Blumofe: Who is Jesus?

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JewsForJesus | December 16, 2010

Sid Roth, President of Messianic Vision presents a public debate between Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi David Blumofe.

Who is Jesus? Michael Brown vs Rabbi David Blumofe

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4 thoughts on “Michael Brown vs Rabbi David Blumofe: Who is Jesus?

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  4. i once asked an orthodox Jew in NY why the whole idea of Jesus being the Messiah was such a threat to so many Jews , and he said ” because he threatens to break up the tribe by including Gentiles”.

    i thought that was very telling about not only Judaism but about tribalism in general . or what some would call ”ethnocentrism ”. it seems that universalism is such a threat to this whole mentality . all this exclusion of blood tribes , verses the all inclusive Messiah .

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