Wisconsin “Budget Repair Bill” Protest + Tom Morello live from Madison protests


February 19, 2011 Madison, WI

Image by zak((again)))) via Flickr

mindfiction | February 21, 2011

Three days of footage (Feb 15-17) from the Madison, WI protest against the SB11 budget repair bill.

You can see all the amazing emails I’ve been receiving from people all over the country here: http://mgwisni.posterous.com/

Wisconsin “Budget Repair Bill” Protest


Wisconsin “Budget Repair Bill” Protest Pt 2

Two days of footage (Feb 18-19) from Madison, WI protest against the SB11 “budget repair bill.” Thanks to Michael-Bryan Byers-Dent for the song inspiration.


Tom Morello live from Madison protests

RTAmerica | February 22, 2011

Check out this live performance by Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello in support of the Wisconsin collective bargaining protests. It took place at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, which is two blocks from the Capitol Building that has been the center of the activity.

Courtesy: A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition


Sign our solidarity pledge


What’s happening in Wisconsin is setting the tone for what’s happening around the nation. When we stand in solidarity together, as one people and one movement, we can beat back assaults on working families.

Please sign our solidarity pledge—we’ll deliver your comments to protesters in Madison as they continue their fight this week.

Please also share a personal message here—we’ll share personal messages in person and on Twitter with protesters.

Our statement of solidarity says:

“We are one. We stand in solidarity with teachers, firefighters, nurses, construction workers and all who are under attack by governors and state legislatures. All of us need to work together to create a strong middle class, and a country we can be proud of.”

via http://act.aflcio.org


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