The Punk Patriot: Working People vs Wall Street

Guarding approach to mills, Lawrence, Mass. (LOC)

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

ThePunkPatriot | Feb 25, 2011


Working People vs Wall Street pt 1


Working People vs Wall Street part 2


Ironically, Anti-Union Republicans Need Unions by Walter Brasch

“Mad as Hell” in Madison by Ralph Nader

The Stimulator: The Dominos Fall

Fighting the 5 fascisms in Wisconsin and Ohio by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

How the Koch Brothers Remade Wisconsin Politics by Billy Wharton

A New American Workers’ Movement Has Begun by Dan La Botz

10 thoughts on “The Punk Patriot: Working People vs Wall Street

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  10. Harsh. But ‘Labor Omnia Vincit’ (Labor Conquers All Things). And no, it’s NOT ‘us vs. them.’ ‘Them’ just has a slightly-different understanding of money than ‘Us’ has; ‘Us’ understands “Quid Pro Quo” as “‘time working’=’money'”, which is a true understanding of it … but the rich people’s understanding (something like ‘these for those’) works better for them.

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