Afghan Peace will NOT come from the Powers

Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad

on Mar 8, 2011

Before the Afghan winters…
Children like Abdulai collect fuel
9 Kunar fuel-collecting children were killed by NATO helicopters
Peace was vandalized
We’re committed to peace & will rewrite peace 100 times over
Ali, what is Aziz Jan writing?
Aziz Jan is writing, ‘Why not love?
Ali Agha, what does’ Why not love’ mean?
It means…’Why not be friends?’
The wishes of the People are not fulfilled by the Powers
Dear youth, to bring peace, let’s not just talk like the elders
Just come and walk the path of peace
Why not bring peace?
Why not love?
We grieve for those killed in war.
We will walk and work for peace.
‘I wish to live without wars’
Day of the People’s Peace
Afghan News Year’s Day
21st of March 2011

Afghan Peace will NOT come from the Powers


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