Devastating tsunami hits Japan + Strong 8.9 earthquake rocks Japan

Our thoughts and prayers for all in Japan and surrounding areas.

Myla Morales on Mar 11, 2011

A 8.9-magnitude earthquake has triggered a tsunami along Japan’s north-eastern coastline, and scores are feared killed.

Cars, boats, homes and people were swept away as fires burned out of control.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports.

Devastating tsunami hits Japan


Al Jazeera’s metereologist explains Japan quake


Steff Gaulter gives insights on why Japan is prone to earthquakes.


Strong 8.9 earthquake rocks Japan, tsunami hits North East

on Mar 11, 2011

A large tsunami is sweeping through north-eastern Japan, following an earthquake thought to have been 8.9 on the Richter Scale. The first wave has also reached Russia’s Kuril islands to the north, reportedly around a metre high. 11-thousand people are being evacuated from the area. In northern Japan, water is surging inland in Sed-ay, some 350km north of Tokyo. There’s considerable damage and many casualties – although numbers can’t be confirmed because communications are badly-affected. Several people are missing. The lower floors of buildings on Honshu island are being flooded and cars overturned. A bridge has also collapsed. Tokyo’s Norita International Airport has also closed. The quake’s epicenter was located 130 kilometres off Japan’s Pacific coast. A tsunami warning’s now in place across the entire Pacific region.


Scary footage: Tsunami waves raging, buildings burn after 8.9 Japan earthquake

The government has confirmed 25 deaths, with the number expected to rise. It follows the 8.9-magnitude earthquake which sent a 4-metre wall of water inland across the Miyagi prefecture . There’s considerable destruction – 200 people have been washed away. Buildings, cars and ships were also swept by the raging waters. Several are missing on Japan’s Sendai island. The first wave has also reached Russia’s Kuril islands to the north, reportedly around a metre high. There are several fires along Japan’s eastern coastline, and 4 million homes are without power. The Prime Minister’s ordered an emergency response team to tackle the disaster – with aircraft scrambled to the worst-affected area. Communication is crippled and Tokyo’s Norita International Airport has been closed. The entire Pacific region is on tsunami alert – with Hawaii braced to be hit within the next few hours.


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  5. This natural disaster notwithstanding (and we do indeed take a risk living along the ring of fire & in the flood plain, the genius of the japanese was in their Joinery, which puzzled parts together to flex with the inevitably shaky nature of their islands), keep an eye on the nuclear meltdown now in progress.

    This is a human disaster in real time that will extend for generations.

    The Japanese should have known, in light of their intimate experience with fallout, that no nuclear reaction is ‘controlled’, & especially not in an earthquake zone.

    Stay tuned for hell on earth no flood could match.

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