Lifting the Veil: Barack Obama and the failure of capitalist democracy (must-see)

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

IWW poster printed 1911

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Source: Metanoia Films

“Lifting the Veil is the long overdue film that powerfully, definitively, and finally exposes the deadly 21st century hypocrisy of U.S. internal and external policies, even as it imbues the viewer with a sense of urgency and an actualized hope to bring about real systemic change while there is yet time for humanity and this planet. See this film!”
-Larry Pinkney

Editorial Board Member & Columnist
The Black Commentator

Sub-headed “Barack Obama and the failure of capitalist democracy”, this film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the “graveyard of social movements”, the massive influence of corporate finance in elections, the absurd disparities of wealth in the United States, the continuity and escalation of neocon policies under Obama, the insufficiency of mere voting as a path to reform, and differing conceptions of democracy itself.

Original interview footage derives from Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Michael Albert, John Stauber (PR Watch), Sharon Smith (Historian), William I. Robinson (Editor, Critical Globalization Studies), Morris Berman (Author, Dark Ages America), and famed black panther Larry Pinkney.

Non-original interviews/lectures include Michael Hudson, Paul Craig Roberts, Ted Rall, Richard Wolff, Glen Ford, Lewis Black, Glenn Greenwald, George Carlin, Gerald Cliente, Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Wollin and Martin Luther King.

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by S DN

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19 thoughts on “Lifting the Veil: Barack Obama and the failure of capitalist democracy (must-see)

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  5. This is a great video! I think a link to this video should be dropped every chance we get on articles online about the war, as well as on military blog sites, and anywhere else we can reach the military and their family to wake people up to the realities that are damning the planet.

    This is another great video that can wake people up…

    It is raw and very difficult to watch, but that is undoubtedly the intent behind its creation. Vietnam made it an unpopular sentiment to speak out against your own. I think it’s past time we made it a popular sentiment again!

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  14. I look forward to the watch.
    I cannot believe ALL these great people on it. Only big ones missing are the ones who might have contributed some sound observations.
    Why do so many Good People just not “get it”. You try to show them, explain it, but … this might help.
    More later ..

  15. This one film wraps up almost all the posts/videos on Dandelion Salad for the last 2 or 3 years. Many or even most of the clips used have already been posted on DS.

    Bottom line: Obama is a war criminal owned and operated by the Pentagon and Wall St./Corporations.

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