TN Protesters Arrested + Matewan (1987; clip) + Photos that set off the protests in Bahrain

Workers Of The World Unite!

Image by oemebamo via Flickr

on Mar 15, 2011

The fight over workers’ rights escalated in Tennessee this afternoon as protesters jammed a Senate hearing on a bill that would weaken unions. Seven were arrested as the protesters chanted and refused to leave the room. “Tennessee is not Wisconsin” said the Republican leader of the Tennessee Senate Ron Ramsey after the arrests, “We talk through our differences here.” SB1031 is aimed at weakening unions in Tennessee. The description of the bill says it: Prohibits any business or organization operating in this state from executing an agreement with a union or employee organization of any kind that includes a maintenance of membership clause prohibiting employees from withdrawing from a union or employee organization prior to the agreement’s expiration. More from Nashville’s City Paper.

Video by Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. Used by permission.

TN Anti-Workers’ Rights Bill Draws Protests, Arrests


Matewan (1987) – The Union (clip)

on Sep 26, 2007

Union meeting from the movie Matewan


These are the controversial satellite photos that set off the protests in Bahrain

on Mar 15, 2011

Please watch, read this info here and pause if necessary. After seeing these photos you will realise that we are all in the same boat no matter what colour or religion or ethnic background. It is us and them. Our lives and their lives. There are very clever moves to create divide in what is happening in Bahrain and around the world to distract attention away from the real imbalance. I say again it is us and them. And them, they, have a very comfortable life! While we have to really work for it. This is the same the world over. And they don’t want to lose what they have achieved. It is all ours and for everyone. We are all responsible.

Thankyou 91177info 🙂

[…] I made this video from the photos here-…


Wall Street Front Group President Sneers At Protesters, Says Public Servants Are Paid Too Much

Mar. 14, 2011


Speaking of “over bloated” compensation, Donohue “travels in a chauffeured Lincoln and a leased jet, and his salary, $3.7 million last year, makes him the sixth highest paid lobbyist in the country.”


via ThinkProgress » Wall Street Front Group President Sneers At Protesters, Says Public Servants Are Paid Too Much.


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  10. OH, Thank You for a great post!!! I’d been on both sides of the union desk during work experiences. I first saw the movie “Matawan” in a history course — shown for being historically correct. It was at the same time I was also learning about our fascinating local history where the very first miner’s union was established. See:

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