Out in Force: 300,000 to march in London anti-cuts protest


March 26 Protest in London

on Mar 26, 2011

100 to 300 thousand people are expected to take part in what’s set to be the UK’s biggest political demonstration for a decade. Mass protests are planned across the British capital to oppose the government’s 80 billion pound spending cuts. The austerity measures are part of a treasury initiative to eliminate the country’s huge budget deficit in just four years.

Out in Force: 300,000 to march in London anti-cuts protest


Video of thousands in London protest march as paint bombs, flares fly

Tens of thousands of protesters crowded central London on Saturday to protest government cuts to public services, streaming in from around the country with banners, balloons and whistles. Organisers of the march estimated that at least 100,000 people were joining in the demonstration, what the Trade Union Council called the largest civil society demonstration in years. Police say some protesters have thrown paint bombs and light bulbs filled with ammonia at officers. A group of black-clad demonstrators also threw paint bombs at shops and banks on the main shopping streets of Oxford Street and New Bond Street. The group had broken away from the larger march organized by the TUC to protest against government cuts to public services.



Thousands protest in London against spending cuts

Channel 4 News

In the largest protests since the Iraq war more than 25000 protests against austerity measures

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  4. The turnout was about 400,000 to 500,000 people. Very cool to see people taking to the streets to denounce this type of economic abuse foisted upon the average citizen.

    Why should we fit the bill for the mistakes and misguided risk-taking of large banks and world corporations? We shouldn’t. Kudos to those protesting in England!

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