Arun Gandhi: My Grandpa, the Mahatma, interviewed by Cindy Sheehan

by Cindy Sheehan
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April 3, 2011

Though Gandhi never called himself a Hindu nat...

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(SOAPBOX #93) – Cindy hosts Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas K., famously known as the “Mahatma” – or great-souled one.  (He would have hated that, tolerating only being treated as an average man!)  Nevertheless, it was that man who invented what he called satygraha (or “militant nonviolence”) and thereby changed the course of our whole world, inspiring leaders like Martin Luther King and many others, often less famed – but no less a stout and influential hero for peace.  [Such as Badshah Khan (BTW: If you don’t already know him, then click that link!)  Gandhi’s intentions and actions aroused millions of Indians, shook the Empire, and provoked both ridicule and admiration among people throughout the world.  For nearly fifty years he first challenged the European masters of South Africa, then the British masters of India, and then even the basic tenets of orthodox politics.  As Gene Sharp notes, he was an extraordinary political strategist.  Sharp comments that we need to continue considering Gandhi’s challenge to established political thought, his refinement of the art of nonviolent struggle, and his perception of the requirements for ending oppression, reconstructing society, and lifting dependence upon political violence.  Today, this need has become URGENT!  I wonder what he’d say about “protecting” Libyan civilians by killing Libyan civilians?  Maybe Arun can tell us!

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