Amy Goodman: Barack Obama Must Speak Out On Bahrain Bloodshed

Democracy Now!
April 13, 2011

One month into the pro-democracy uprising in the small Gulf state of Bahrain — where the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet is based, tasked with protecting “U.S. interests” — Bahrainis are suffering the same violent repression as Libyans.  So why does Obama have nothing to say?



via Barack Obama Must Speak Out On Bahrain Bloodshed

Resolution In Support Of The General Federation Of Trade Unions And The Civilian Population Of Bahrain

Unarmed Bahraini man Ahmed Farhan shot in the head because he asked for freedom, say witnesses by Finian Cunningham

In the face of unbridled attack, a nationwide renewal of resistance in Bahrain by Ralph Schoenman

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4 thoughts on “Amy Goodman: Barack Obama Must Speak Out On Bahrain Bloodshed

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  4. There really are some issues abroad that need aid.

    But regarding civil strife, I suggest that the best thing for the USA is to pull in its troops & bases, and leave the world alone.

    Where strife concerns Islam, even more reason to back out, it’s ancient & insane, Sunni/Shia? Please.

    There are other nations near the region, colonialists tied to this mideast irreconcileable tangle, who can help if they can or dare.

    The USA should pay reparations for the hell their deployments/occupation has caused in the wars, and vacate the region. They’ve used up any possible military welcome in any nation & should drop out of the international military scene.

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