What You Need to Know to Save Your Ass by Mark A. Goldman

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Cover of Web of Debt

by Mark A. Goldman
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
April 20, 2011

The political and economic strategies this country is pursuing are not sustainable and the folks who hold the reins of power know it.   They are pursuing strategies designed to facilitate the ability of big money interests to drain as much wealth as possible from those who have the least political clout to those who have the most and they will take those strategies as far as they possibly can.

In the eyes of power brokers, the weaker, less educated, and more distracted a general population becomes the more pliable, complacent, and compliant they become.   But these parasites know that there is a limit to how far they can suck the blood out of a body before it drops over dead.   When they’ve taken things as far as they can, the rules of the game will change and the body will be saved… and then the blood sucking will continue along different lines.   But our economy is not going to collapse.   The question is, is it possible to get the blood suckers off our backs.

I don’t know if there’s enough fight left in you and others to want to put an end to this death spiral but if there is, it’s important to know this:   Yes, there are solutions available that could turn this state of affairs around very quickly if we all only understood what needs to happen.   The ruling elite doesn’t want us to know what those solutions are and they’re doing everything possible to make sure we never understand what we can do to help ourselves.   But in a few words, I’m going to tell you right now what the problem is and what you can do about it:

The Federal Reserve System that was put in place early in the century was actually a political coup engineered by the most powerful and wealthiest industrialists and financiers in the country.   Their design insures that as time goes on, power is continually usurped from the People and transferred to them.

The Federal Reserve is not a federal institution.   It is not part of the government.   It is not controlled by the government.   The words Federal Reserve was the name they picked for this private organization to fool us into thinking it is part of the government, to lull us to sleep.   It is as simple as that.   It was a political coup.  There was an internal fight among the powers that be at the time as to how the money supply was going to be managed.   The logical and rational direction to go would have been to have the government control the money supply.   On the other side were the big money interests who knew, that if they were able to control the money supply, they could eventually control the entire political landscape.   The big money interests tricked the more naïve lawmakers into turning that power over to them.   Once these seeds of destruction were planted, the die was cast and we’re now living with the results.

The Federal Reserve System has the power to create money out of nothing.   And I mean that literally.   The myth that most people believe intuitively, is that when a bank lends you money, it’s their money or someone else’s money they are lending.   It isn’t.   It’s money that never existed before.   You sign a loan agreement and they post a dollar amount into your bank account with the click of a few computer keys.   There are accounting entries that balance out the illusion.   When you spend the money that was put in your account, the recipient of that money makes a deposit to their bank account.   That bank now has the authority to create money out of nothing too.   Almost all of the money in circulation today was created this way.   For all intents and purposes all of the money in circulation is debt.   And someone is paying interest on all that debt.   And the recipients of those interest payments are the banks who lent the money out.   When the government needs money it works the same way.   The government borrows the money from The Bank.   The Bank creates the money out of nothing and the government pays The Bank interest just like you do.   If you are an owner of The Bank it’s a pretty good deal because the government is paying you free money, i.e., paying you for doing nothing and risking nothing.   (I’m over simplifying.   But when you look at all the complexity and boil it down to how things really work, what I’m telling you is essentially how it all plays out.)   How can big money interests pay their top people millions of dollars a year;   how can big money interests bring down the economies of this nation and other nations? …they can do it because they get paid enormous sums of money for doing almost nothing of value.   And they use that money to accumulate even more. The purpose of the FED from their point of view is to maximize their own power and wealth.    And by the way, since money is debt, you can’t eliminate the national debt without eliminating the money supply.  So all the talk you hear about the national debt and paying it down is, in and of itself, a lot of hot air, smoke, and mirrors.   So what would the alternative look like?

There are several possibilities, but one alternative would be for the government to own the FED and the affiliated banks (The Bank).   The government would not have to borrow money because the money the FED creates would already be owned by the government, so there would be no debt.   And money lent to corporations and individuals would be loaned by a bank that looks pretty much like the bank you now do business with except that your interest payments would go to the government (i.e., The People) and not into private hands.   Now what good would that do?   Well, for one, it would probably eliminate some taxes.   Currently, about 40% of our income taxes are used to pay interest on the national debt, i.e., it goes into the private hands of The Bank.

So how could the government own The Bank?   By writing a check to The Bank to pay off and cancel all the outstanding debt.   Well wouldn’t this create a great amount of inflation?   No.   Wouldn’t this turn us into a socialist society?   No, not any more than the post office makes us a socialist nation.   There would still be financial institutions just like there’s still UPS and FedEx even though there’s a post office.   Well, isn’t a lot of our debt owed to foreign governments.   Yes.   We would pay them off too in US dollars to cancel the debt and they would be happy to get it.  Well wouldn’t they just use those dollars to buy debt form other countries.  Maybe some of it, but so what.

If you want to know how all this currently works (in greater and more accurate detail than I’ve just offered), and how it could work if we want to regain our democracy, read this book: The Web of Debt by Ellen Hodgson Brown, JD.    The book is extremely well written and well documented and not difficult to read even though the book is over 500 pages long.   The reason it’s over 500 pages long is that it goes into great detail to answer the questions and the doubts that are probably already popping into your head.   Reading this book could save your ass, if not your life.

The alternative is to wait until the banking cartel turns us and our children all into debt peons who will never know financial or political freedom again.   This is probably our last chance.   Let’s not screw it up.

Now obviously if we try to get the people who currently hold office to turn things around, we will be shooting ourselves in the foot.   They are already bought and paid for. And as long as untrustworthy people hold positions of power they can gum up the works.  So the task ahead is not an easy or simple one.

But at least we now know there are known viable solutions to some of our most intractable problems, and that ought to give us enough hope to stand on our own two feet and try to recapture our heritage.   Read the book and offer it to others if you think it has the potential to be as important as I think it could be.


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  4. Yes, it might be a tremendous job to take down the military industrialists, but it’s not impossible, and we seriously need to clean house.

    First of all, the military industrialists, bar none, are all big time criminals. So they really can be prosecuted for their crimes. Second, we only need open our hearts to each other and we have everything we need to oust them. Third, they have lied and they have lied to manipulate us and separate them, but we are finding out how much they’ve lied to us and now we know they’re liars. So they lose that power over us. They’ve lost something so valuable that they don’t even understand what they’ve lost — our trust. And finally, the truth will set us free! And the truth is coming out.

  5. Good post, I have always been in favor of just writing the check! But of course we would have a tremendous job of taking down the military industrialists.

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