N. T. Wright: Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? (2007)

Jesus resurrected and Mary Magdalene

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rfvidz on Mar 9, 2011

Dr. N. T. Wright speaks on the historical reliability of Jesus’ resurrection.


What does the Resurrection mean? N. T. Wright explains.

VeritasForum on Nov 9, 2010

What does the Resurrection mean? N. T. Wright, New Testament scholar, bishop of Durham, and professor at the University of St. Andrews, explains how 1st century Palestinian Messianic movements worked and what the Resurrection meant to them. From The Veritas Forum at Emory in 2008.

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  8. AH — thou protest too much . mmm . its like you want to believe , but are being dragged into the kingdom kicking and screaming all the way , with eyes darting , and grasping for every excuse possible . i been there , bought that t-shirt .

    as i said , i dont go for the historical proof argument stuff , cause i have proof already , and dont give a damn who believes me or not . but i did take the time to read his weighty tome ”The resurrection of the Son Of God ” , and was impressed.

    Rational atheists and Rational theists –this is their argument . ..among many many others. i dont engage in this kind of thing as a rule . but i am intrigued by the tension .

    even if people had absolute proof, they still would choose not to believe , for as Kierkegaard states ”people dont believe because they choose not to obey ”. so true.

    • AH — well , that is why i brought Bonhoffer up . because he knows how to speak in terms of this fusion of the spiritual and the secular in order to come to a ”greater secularity”. funny thing — i play bars for a living and most of my friends are non believers … i think as a christian i am more secular and secular minded in many ways than the average secular man . very ironic.

      in fact , while we are on the topic and how much i cannot stand religious cliches , have you read Harvey Cox’s ”The Secular City”?

      His thesis is that the leap in evolutionary thinking from the old to the new testament is that the new testament breaks away from tribalism to universalism , and from provincialism to mobility . a fine work indeed. those pluses would be interesting to see if that is what Bonhoffer means by ”greater secularity”.

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  17. CORRECTION FROM ME : i stated that Messianic Judaism surpassed in number both Reform and Reconstructuionist Judaism . concerning the Reform sect i was wrong . but concerning the Reconstructionist i was right .
    there are presently around 100 Reconstructionist synagogues in the world .
    There are over 400 Messianic synagogues in the world.
    The Reform is much higher than both at present.

  18. To me, it is a holiday of hope and the conquering of death and one more example, living in a largely Christian world, of some one else’s religion taking over so much of the world around me. I do not consider it the most relevant event in history, other than to those for whom it is. Any way that each of us can reach the infinite and become better people to me is a good thing, whether it is through the resurrection of Jesus, the concept of tikkun olam (we each are responsible for leaving the world a better place than we found it according to Judaism, even if only a tiny bit better or not better at all, but we sincerely tried), or comparable good works from other religions.

    Dandelion Salad: “Believing in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah is Jewish! He came for the Jew first. Atonement is through a blood sacrifice and Jesus became our sacrifice so we don’t have to sacrifice animals anymore. Good works just won’t cut it.”

    No, what the difference is between Judaism and Christianity is that Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, Jews do NOT. Also Jews do count good works. We don’t go to Heaven on faith, but on our lives lived…. if there is a Heaven, which most Jews aren’t sure of or concerned about.

    As for animal sacrifice, Judaism is over 5000 years old. It moved immediately away from the norm of the day: human sacrifice to animal sacrifice. It gave up animal sacrifice almost 2000 years ago. I don’t want to debate Christian theology with you. I do the local Jewish radio program and am tired of being asked “why don’t the Jews accept Jesus” [as God]. We don’t. There was a split between those who wanted a new religion and those who didn’t, who believed that Jesus was either one of many who claimed to be the Messiah or who believed that Jesus was a great reformer, both of whom stayed Jewish. There would be many many more Jews were slaughtered for our religious views over the past 2000 years, from the Holocaust to the Crusades to the massacres in Russia and in Spain, etc. We also do not proselytize. BTW, those who claim to be Jewish and view Christ as “God” are not considered by any Jew as Jewish. Messianic Jews are Christians who like Jewish customs and often come to the rest of us and try to convert us to Christianity.

    Each religion generally justifies why it left the last one… As for reposting to some blog and answering others, I really do not want to debate your religion. The other day I met a wonderful Lutheran minister who looked so sad when he said only Christians can go to your heaven and that I was right that Gandhi could not go there. He said there is ONLY heaven and hell! ANY religion which makes people better and gives them a spiritual center is fine with me.

    • Dear Jewish friend , those of us who celebrate this holiday of hope as you call it , are not celebrating a concept , just as when we celebrate good works not as a concept , but rather we are celebrating a PERSON . namely , the risen Messiah Jesus who lives in us that makes good works truly good , and not what we think is good by our own standards. for as the Prophet Isaiah says ”our ways are not his ways , our thoughts are not his thoughts”. And King David confirms ”there is none righteous no not one ”.

      you state that Jews do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah .. but looking at the growth of those Jews globally who are coming to believe in him and have had their lives changed by him , right now in 2011 there are more Messianic Jews then there are Reformed Jews and Reconstructionist ones. fact.
      Judaism is complex and we know that no one speaks for all Jews. just like myself as a Christian only speaks for me , not all Christians .

      Many ultra Orthodox Jews think that Reformed Judaism is not Jewish . To state that Messianic Jews are not Jewish is doing the same thing to them that the Orthodox do to the Reformed. its exclusive and prejudice.

      In regards to the claims of the divinity of Jesus . in the middle ages Peter of Abelard was called up for heresy before the Pope . Peter said ” God can become an ant , and does not need your permission to do it ”. that is the same with the claims of Christ divinity . God is absolutely sovereign , and never needs anyone’s permission to do anything . in fact , the pattern in the history of Israel is that God always surprised them , and they always reject the surprise. ..disobedience to the Torah , golden calf , rejection of the Prophets. The God of Israel and Israel have issues to say the least. so , it is not beyond possibility that God would again reverse yet another expectation and come in humility and vulnerability to lay his life down for their sins and the sins of the world .

      the word Conversion is about the nastiest word in the English language to both Jew and Gentile …until it happens to a person . then it becomes the most wonderful word of all. oh yes , he has been raised from the dead , and his suffering on that cross was the greatest act of love for all . to withhold this expression of the living flame of love of the great Beloved from a hungry and war torn world is a cruel thing . Love demands that we bring the good news in word and in deed . that is exactly why this was posted on Easter , to give thinking men and women who watch it to consider ..well just maybe ….

      • One more thing : N.t.Wright is considered the world’s best scholar on the subject of the alleged resurrection of Jesus . it is at least worth the time of any open minded person to hear him out .

        what makes this issue so important to a Jew is that if Jesus of Nazareth is not the Messiah , then he has lead a lot of Jews astray , and he deserved to die the way he did , and so do those who propagate faith in him . However, if God raised him from the dead , then that is proof positive that he is the Messiah promised by the Hebrew Prophets, and is worthy of our obedience and worship. this is truly an either/or proposition .

        i have often asked myself why God would do it this way .over the years i have come to these conclusions.

        1. it goes beyond the fortress of the mind that puts up barriers of unbelief.

        2. it fulfilled the promise of Jeremiah about the coming of a new covenant and a new heart. Ezekiel talks about the coming of a ”new spirit” in man .

        3. the Jews were chosen to rule and reign in righteousness with God . but first their hearts , just like the Gentiles hearts must be changed TOTALLY and in full so that they can reign in righteousness. present day Israel has turned out a lot like the Gentile nations in not ruling in righteousness. no changed heart..no peace within , no peace on Earth . the Messiah came to bring inner peace first. how can one rule if they don’t have this divine standard revealed to them in the power of grace that fulfills the Mosaic Law?

        this is the operative question .

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