I Ain’t Peace Marchin’ Anymore by Ed Ciaccio

by Ed Ciaccio
Dandelion Salad
Featured Writer
April 13, 2011

Eight is (More Than) Enough: End the Wars!
photo by Dandelion Salad

(with heartfelt apologies to the great Phil Ochs)

I marched against the madness of old LBJ’s
And then Tricky Dicky’s Southeast Asia War.
Despite our protests and our callin’,
The bombs just kept on fallin’,
So I ain’t peace marchin’ anymore.

I protested Reagan’s illegal contra support
And his Central American proxy wars.
He and Ollie North both lied,
But real justice was denied,
So I ain’t peace marchin’ anymore.

The media sell us wars like the newest iPhone app,
But rarely show the bodies that fall.
As we mourn the blood and pain,
The killing only mounts again.
Are our rallies really worth it all?

I protested Bush I’s deadly Panama deceit
And his illegal Operation Desert Storm.
Saddam outlasted this charade,
And our troops got their parades,
So I ain’t peace marchin’ anymore.

Bush I and Clinton’s sanctions killed thousands of Iraqi kids
In a decade that was as brutal as a war.
I denounced these decisions,
But only got derision,
So I ain’t peace marchin’ anymore.

Our protests and rallies barely make a dent,
And our emails, calls and phone calls are ignored.
The Empire murders on
And democracy is gone,
So what are we marchin’ for?

The 9/11 terror gave George W. and Dick
An excuse to kill for oil and land and more,
Millions of us shouted, “No war!”,
But Dubya unleashed shock and awe,
So I ain’t peace marchin’ anymore.

So Obama promised change and too many believed,
Then he continued and expanded Dubya’s wars.
Like every previous President,
He just ignores our sentiments,
So I ain’t peace marchin’ anymore.

We now know that marches and protests only serve
To make us feel as good as we need.
It’s time the U.S. Empire died
And we organized and tried
To end this system based on greed.

So while our 1960’s tactics are nearly all ignored,
U.S. leaders still break international laws.
Strikes and boycotts are now needed
To finally get us heeded,
So I ain’t peace marchin’ anymore.

All these wars will continue while we march and hold our signs;
Greed and power’s what these wars are really for.
Till we stop war profiteering,
This is what I will be swearing:
I ain’t peace marchin’ anymore.
No, I ain’t peace marchin’anymore.


Phil Ochs – I aint marching anymore

PHILOCHSVEVO  on Jan 17, 2014

7 thoughts on “I Ain’t Peace Marchin’ Anymore by Ed Ciaccio

  1. !
    ahimsa –
    fight back with production stopping strikes, as those bastards only understand profit – –

    the notion of citizen tribunals for the bi-partisan war criminals is brilliant – we will sure be busy for a while
    it is a fact that facebook censors progressive ideas and commentary
    let’s put your fine ideas into immediate action…
    boycott facebook

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  3. You may find it interesting to know that when I attempted to share this via the share button for Facebook, it will not allow me to, and it gives this message: “This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.”

    We are being censored everywhere, and i’m seeing this in many scenarios. I suspect that this is why Google videos is being taken down. The information on these videos is a threat to those who wish to continue in their wars against humanity, and this planet.

    • Yes, it’s on all of my posts on Dandelion Salad and has been the last couple of days. It’s very inconvenient and prevents people from sharing as they now have to either “share” my link from my Wall, or put in the url into their link box on their Wall. I’ve used their form to write to them to say that this isn’t “abusive or spammy” 7 times, I think. I guess I need more people to complain about it so the block will be lifted. I have a Featured Writer who is going to write up an article about this soon.

  4. Hey Ed, great piece. You’re absolutely right. It’s going to take more than marching in the streets to stop the ever growing march to war.

    There’s gotta be enough people willing to take effective action together. 1) General boycott and work stoppage. 2) Organize citizen’s tribunal to try war criminals and corporate executives guilty of profiting from killing and exploiting people and causing suffering and misery in the world at large through economic and environmental warfare. 3) Support young people in taking good care of people, especially the most needy, and in sorting out this mess to create a better world, better systems, better institutions, better ways of doing things that bring peace and prosperity to everyone. We need to shift the paradigm and change the game. And it’s possible in the numbers coming together.

    • peacevisonary –agreed ! Gandhi’s usage of non co-operation worked . also , they used it in Denmark to resist the Nazis.

      your number 2 point is key . it must begin by the impeachment of this president and the trial of Bush and Cheney .

      concerning better institutions . maybe . but we can even scrap them and take care of the most needy without them . people just need to act ! not ask anyone’s permission to do it . just act. herein lies the problem . to many opiates to keep people from acting .

      • It’s a little more sinister than opiates to keep people from acting… more like blackmail, threats and coercion, as well as extremely sophisticated methods of mind control.

        I consider mass media, TV, movies and cell phones each in their own way as means to control minds, both on an overt level as well as covert levels.

        I consider Americans’ minds to be imprisoned by electro-magnetic frequencies and brain wave manipulation just as much as the mass confusion from being lied to and misled our whole lives long.

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